Championship Show 23 February 2020

Judges - DOGS:Mrs C Stevenson  BITCHES: Mr D Pike

REFEREE: Mrs J Bayne

Championship Show 24 February 2019

Judges - DOGS:Mrs S Foster  BITCHES: Mrs B Berry

REFEREE: Mrs L Sketchley

Championship Show 18 February 2018

Judges - DOGS:Mrs S Chorley-Newton  BITCHES: Mrs C Butler

REFEREE: Mrs L Armstrong-Rodgers

Championship Show 18 February 2017


REFEREE: Mrs G O'Connor

Championship Show 14 February 2016

Judges - DOGS: MR D CONDRON (Covarney) BITCHES: MRS L MUIR (Romarne)

REFEREE: Mrs Penny Pallister

Championship Show Joint Irish Setter Clubs 18 July 2015

Judges - DOGS: MRS C. COODE (Warringah) BITCHES: MR N. NAYLOR (Anlory)

Championship Show  21 February 2015

Judges - DOGS: MRS L. MORRIS (Minsterlands/Brinara) BITCHES: MRS E.HINSLEA (Northamber)

REFEREE: MRS L. Armstrong-Rodgers

Championship Show 16 February 2014

Judges - DOGS: MRS C. SHELDON (Delsanto) BITCHES: MRS Z.THORN-ANDREWS (Drakesleat)

Welcome to the Midlands Irish Setter Society.

Championship show 2014

A big thank you from the society to everybody who attended our show.
We hope everybody had a wonderful day with the nice weather
we had on the day.


The Midlands Irish Setter Society

Results and Pictures - Here


Championship Show  16 February 2013

Judges - DOGS: MRS L. SKETCHLEY (Kerrimere) BITCHES: MR J.VANT (Barleydale)

Championship Show 18 February 2012 Bitches Critique

Critique - Judge -  Mrs Lynda R MacAulay

Championship Show 18 February 2012

Judges - DOGS: MR F. KANE (Hirontower) BITCHES: MRS L. MACAULAY (Stylersetts)

Judges - DOGS: MRS C. COODE (Warringah) BITCHES: MR N. NAYLOR (Anlory)