Championship Show 18 February 2018

Judges - DOGS:Mrs S Chorley-Newton  BITCHES: Mrs C Butler

REFEREE: Mrs L Armstrong-Rodgers

 DCC & BIS - Sh Ch Copper's War of Roses

 BCC & RBIS - Ch Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW

 RDCC - Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW

 RBCC - Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure

 BPIS - Lynwood Abracadabra

 BVIS - Sh Ch Gwendariff Soda Pop to Wynjill



1st Teleri Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana
2nd Teleri Summer Wine at Shandwick
3rd Alolfrana A Hot Romatic
Res Danaway Desert Song
VHC Alchriset Here Comes The Sun
1st Gwendariff Weekend Warrior
2nd Teleri Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana
3rd Wynjill Snap Dragon
Res Anlory Duncan
VHC  Alolfrana A Hot Romantic
1st Sh Ch Suteresett Milky Way With Scarletti JW 
2nd Ch Vicary's Keykeeper 
3rd Ixia Joseph JW 
Res Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift 
VHC Sh Ch Bardonhill Floating Moon Into Glenlaine JW ShCM
1st Vicary's Part Time Lover 
2nd Suteresett King of Hearts JW 
3rd Glenlaine Squirrel Nutkinn at Valasarch 
Res Harreds Trooper 
VHC Glenlaine Samuel Whiskers 
1st Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW 
2nd Pawsword Prairie Wind JW 
3rd Marlland So Irish and Handsome 
Res Gwendariff Pink Floyd 
VHC Bardonhill Ginger Nut at Valasarch 
1st Teleri Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana 
2nd Wynjill Snap Dragon
3rd Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli 
Res Redclyst Boris 
VHC Covarney Lil'Tipple at Jacingail 
1st Wynjill Snap Dragon 
2nd Redclyst Boris 
1st Gwendariff Pink Floyd 
2nd Anlory Tamhil 
3rd Kerrydown Odds On 
Res Bardonhill Ginger Nut at Valasarch 
1st Riverbrue Altissimo at Aoibheanne JW 
2nd Bardonhill Jealous Guy for Colemist 
3rd Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli 
Res Kerrydown One Man 
VHC Hunnicote Handyman
1st Bardonhill Snow Wolf With Glenlaine 
2nd Gwendariff D'Ya Think I'm Fab For Kespas JW 
3rd Wyldfire Declan for Itchenwych 
Res Tredura Val Verdi 
VHC Swiftlark First night 
1st Aoibheanne's Rough Diamond with Shushana JW 
2nd Hot Sensations Orstone Cowboy JW 
3rd Tredura Clandestine Affair 
Res Suteresett Mr Uppity 
VHC  Deevonville Santana ShCM
1st Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW 
2nd Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW 
3rd Margretswood Gobstopper JW ShCM 
Res Delsanto Snow Storm ShCM 
VHC Lanstara Spring Moon 
1st Sh Ch Copper's War of Roses 
2nd Amblin's Sweet William 
3rd Sh Ch Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know It JW 
Res Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW ShCM 
VHC Redclyst Kearney 


1st Alolfrana Red Hot Rumours 
2nd Teleri Indian Summer 
3rd Alchriset A Taste Of Honey 
Res Teleri Here Comes Summer 
VHC Riverbrue Tickled Pink with Follidown 
1st Lynwood Abracadabra 
2nd Romarne Galway Girl at Astleyview 
3rd Alolfrana Red Hot Rumours 
Res Covarney Summer Breeze 
VHC Bardonhill Poetry in Motion with Deneil 
1st Sh Ch Gwendariff Soda Pop to Wynjill 
2nd Balintyne Foreign Affair 
3rd Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW ShCM 
1st Glennara Cilleigne Dervla JW 
2nd Gwendariff Chilli Powder 
3rd Strathmead Noella 
Res Swiftlark Second Nature 
VHC Devacott Rose Creek 
1st Covarney Everlasting Love at Bluebyeyou 
2nd Twoacres Promise of Spring with Avacet 
3rd Orlanset Ready for Love 
Res Brabrook Rosealee 
VHC Delsanto Miss Freya 
1st Lynwood Abracadabra
2nd Alolfrana Red Hot Rumours 
3rd Orlanset Ready for Love 
Res Strathmead Noella 
VHC Devacott Rose Creek 
1st Lynwood Abracadabra
2nd Orlanset Ready for Love 
3rd Strathmead Noella 
Res Brabrook Rosealee 
VHC Swiftlark Second Nature 
1st Alolfran True Elegance 
2nd Lynwood Isn't She Lovely JW 
3rd Polmennor Spinning Moons 
Res Astleyview Elegant I Am  
VHC Swiftlark Second Nature 
1st Alolfran True Elegance 
2nd Anlory Carignan JW 
3rd Covarney Lil'Diva 
Res Astleyview Elegant I Am 
VHC Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess at Lochindorb 
1st Braidmount Lady in Waiting JW 
2nd Lochlorien True Detective is Andley 
3rd Bardonhill Uptown Girl 
Res Brinara Lowri JW 
VHC Sandstream Summer Breeze JW 
1st Anlory Corbieres JW 
2nd Summertime Blues for Covarney 
3rd Rappatty Starlight Over Alolfrana JW 
Res Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood JW 
VHC Aoibheanne's Stay With Me 
1st Brinara Vanity Fair JW 
2nd Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW  
3rd Amberlight Guinevere 
Res Bardonhill Afternoon D'Lite at Fernstart 
VHC Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley 
1st Ch Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW 
2nd Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure 
3rd Sh Ch Fofarian Hey Sexy Lady JW
Res Sh Ch Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream
VHC Thendara Chasing Boys to Sumaric 


Bitch Critique

Thank you for the lovely entry ,a great privilege and honour to be asked to judge bitches. Thank you MISS  committee and also  to my 2 stewards on the day.

Many Congratulations to Best in Show, the dog,Crocker and Siddle,SH CH Copper`s War of Roses (imp SWE). I really enjoyed the day ,and was very pleased with all winners .

However I felt some entries were  carrying to much weight and lacked muscle tone which does affect movement and outline,some did not move so well behind ,and I  felt some heads were rather plain and lacking the lovely expression required ,but I was not stuck for quality in any of the  classes .

Minor Puppy.7 entries ,1st Danks-Kemish ,Alolfrana Red Hot Rumours,6 and ½ month baby ,Pretty head with low set ears and cheeky expression,  plenty of depth ,and good  angulation front and rear which gave her a lovely outline when stacked ,her coat shone and she moved so well for a baby pup ,really enjoying her day out.

2nd Catling ,Teleri Indian Summer(AI),preferred head of  the winner at the moment , she was well made  all through ,and also moved well  for a youngster,

3rd Taylor,Alchriset A Taste of Honey.

Puppy 15 entries 1 abs ,1st  and BPIS Well Done. Mugford, Lynwood Abracadabra,9 month,This pup took my eye on 1st walk up line ,Very nice head piece with plenty of work ,and low set ears  ,good length of neck which flowed into her well placed shoulders ,plenty of depth and rib ,gently sloping  topline   .Her tail was well set  ,and rear angulation was good ,which she used well on the move. Lovely pup, found out later daughter of my CC winner.

2nd Muir ,Romarne Galway Girl at Astleyview, slightly older than one ,and a heavier build too,again a very nice head and neck ,slightly looser in elbow than 1 on move at the moment ,she  had a very nice outline when stacked ,and moved well .

3rd Danks -Kemish ,Alolfrana Red Hot Rumours .

Veteran 4 entries 1 abs,1st Holley,SH CH Gwendariff Soda Pop to Wynjill. An attractive 7 year old who stood out in this class ,sweet head with well set ears ,a good length of  neck  led into well placed shoulders ,and had well angulated rear end ,which she used to advantage in this class ,pleased she went on to  BVIS .Well Done

2nd Bell and Barker -Bell ,Balintyne Foreign Affair ,8yr Bigger bitch all through than winner ,she was well made and had kind expression ,she moved well and appeared to be enjoying her day.

3rd Stevenson,Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW ShCM.

Junior ,9 entries 2 abs,1st Hall ,Glennara Cilleigne Dervla(ikc)JW,My notes say ,lovely  girl ,A  pleasant head with cheeky expression ,low set ears,good angulation both ends ,plenty of depth and spring of rib ,enough coat ,moved with purpose  ,turned out well too.

2nd Jones ,Gwendariff Chilli Powder ,again well turned out ,shorter coupled bitch who gave a very nice outline when stacked ,pretty head ,straight front  and tidy feet ,moved well .

3rd Frampton ,Strathmead Noella.

Yearling 16 entries 2 abs , 1st Bye ,Covarney Everlasting Love at Bluebyeyou, She took my eye when she came in and I really liked her when she was gone over ,attractive head with kind eye ,which I liked very much  ,looked good stacked ,lovely topline ,she had tidy feet and well off  for bone ,and she moved well too ,a full coat finished the picture.

2nd Elkins ,Twoacres Promise of Spring with Avacet. Pushed the winner all the way ,I liked her head but felt winners  had more work ,she made a lovely outline when stacked ,and drove round ring when moving.

3rd Richardson, Orlanset Ready For Love 

Maiden ,15 entries 5 abs ,1st Mugford Lynwood Abracadabra.

2nd Danks -Kemish ,Alolfrana Red Hot Rumours

3rd Richardson ,Orlanset Ready For Love.

Novice ,13 entries 4 abs ,1st Mugford ,Lynwood Abracadabra

2nd Richardsons ,Orlanset Ready For Love ,Smaller  bitch who was 3rd in the  lovely yearling class , well made all through ,in good conditioned coat and moved with drive .

3rd Frampton Strathmead Noella.

Undergrad,7 entries ,1st Danks-Kemish,Alolfran True Elegance,This girly made a lovely outline when first  stacked up,and when you go over her she doesn`t disappoint,so feminine ,everything just flows ,from her neck to her tail.She moved well too ,driving from her excellent rear .and was in super coat.

2nd Mugford,Lynwood Isnt She Lovely JW,Very sound bitch and again well made ,but not so mature as winner,

3rd Roberts,Polmennor Spinning Moons

Graduate ,8 entries 2 abs,1st Danks -Kemish Alolfran True Elegance

2nd Naylor and Morrison,Anlory Carignan JW,Well made bitch ,pretty head with plenty of work and a gentle expression,A very nice topline which flowed on through tail set,well handled and sound  ,however had left her best coat at home.

3rd Phillips and Condron Covarney Lil` Diva.

Post Grad,17 entries 3 abs, 1st Hunter and Brown ,Braidmount Lady in Waiting JW ,This young lady won under me last time and I felt no reason to change my mind today,She is maturing well  .She has a beautiful head and a super neck leading into good front ,plenty of  lung  room ,excellent rear angulation ,which she used to advantage to win this class.

2nd Stevenson ,Lochlorien True Detective is Andley ,Pleasant head but would prefer darker nose pigmentation .She is well made all through,but winner had the edge on hind movement today.

3rd Carter ,Bardonhill Uptown Girl

Mid Limit ,14 entries 5 abs ,1st Naylor and Morrison,Anlory  Corbieres JW .One I have followed with interest ,She won this class on her movement ,she looks lovely when powering around ring ,pleasant head with plenty of chiselling and a keen expression  ,not exaggerated in any way in her construction ,just a good honest bitch ,handled and turned out very well .

2nd Condron,Summertime Blues for Covarney.My notes say nit picking between these two,Same remarks apply  ,and this bitch moved with purpose round ring too but I felt not quite the front extension  as winner

3rd Danks-Kemish,Rappatty Star Light over Alolfrana JW.

Limit ,16 entries 4 abs ,1st Berry and Morris,Brinara Vanity Fair JW ,Really liked this bitch ,She is balanced when stacked so makes a pleasant outline ,not over done anywhere ,lovely topline with well set tail, plenty of depth ,and bone ,in full coat .moved soundly,just wished she had a bit more verve. .

2nd Waterton, Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW Pushed winner hard all the way today She moved soundly but needed more impulsion, handler let her down on move ,She is well made ,front and rear ,in full coat ,again lovely outline .

3rd Lucas, Amberlight Guinevere.

OPEN,8 Entries 3 abs, Wow, What a class .!!! Certainly gave me plenty to think about.1st Mugford,CH Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW ,There was nothing exaggerated about this bitch .Lovely head , such a  pretty  girl ,with plenty of work ,correct bite and her ears set well , tidy front assembly and  rear end just as good. Well sprung ribs with plenty of depth ,she looked  stunning when stacked,but when she moved she really owned the ring ,not too flashy but purposeful and she was fit too ,just right weight wise ,all topped off with correct amount of coat. CC and RBIS Well Done ,

2nd Bott, Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure ,This  bitch is also very pretty with lovely expression  , well made ,turned out to perfection ,and she was a joy to watch on the move too,plenty of power from her well built rear end .RCC ,Well Done

3rd Sturrock,SH CH Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW

Thank you .

Mrs C E  Butler (Rubymoon setters)