Championship Show 18 February 2017


REFEREE: Mrs G O’Connor

 DCC & BIS – Lanstara Spring Moon

 BCC & RBIS – Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream

 RDCC – Sh Ch Rockin Robin JW

 RBCC – Suteresett Miss Curious About Henaleas JW

 BPIS – Gwendariff Guess Who’s Comin to Northamber

 BVIS – Sh Ch Lyngor Living Water JW

Dog Results

1st Wynjill Winner Takes All
2nd Brabrook Masterpiece at Firefall
3rd Brabrook Whispered
Res Zero to Hero Diervilla at Caervista
VHC Gwendariff Here I Come
1st Pawsword Prairie Wind
2nd Pawsword Priceless to Kerryfair
3rd Suteresett Tom Collins at Bransett
ResGwendariff Gonna Go For Gold
VHCRiverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas
1st Sh Ch Gwendariff Rockin Robin JW
2nd Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift
3rd Sh Ch Harvacourt Harlem at Jacingail
Res Teramour Going For Gold
VHC Brinara Back For Good
1st Quensha Starman Aboard Orstone
2nd Bardonhill Ginger Genius
1st Kerrimere Charismatic JW
2nd Caskeys Solar Eclipse At Bluesprings
3rd Gwendariff D’Ya Know my Name by Bardonhill JW
Res Thendara the Watchmaker
VHC Bardonhiull Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW
1st Quensha Starman Aboard Orstone
2nd Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas
3rd Bardonhill Ginger Genius
Res Orlanset The Loner
1st Quensha Starman Aboard Orstone
2nd Gwendariff Gonna Go For Gold
3rd Gwendariffs Gonna Do It for Byedales
1st Tredura Val Verdi
2nd Thendara the Watchmaker
3rd Brinara Iago
1st Kerrydown One Man
2nd Danwish Wizard of Oz
3rd Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW
Res Millcroft Moon Riot
VHC Danaway Dallas
1st Anlory Keltic Blue Sky JW
2nd Romarne Taittinger JW
3rd Balintyne Just For You
Res Hot Sensations Orstone Cowboy
VHC Harreds Hassle with Amberlight JW
1st Lanstara Spring Moon
2nd Gwendariff The Pink Panther of Bonhomie
3rd Suteresett Rebel Rouser in Balbriggan JW
Res Caemgen’s Elemant of Truth at Feorlig
VHC Staratlanta Elliot ShCM
1st Aoibheannes Quite The Rebel by Balbriggan JW
2nd Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavana JW
3rd Lynwood Lark in The Dark JW
Res Delsanto Snow Storm ShCM
VHC Amblin’s Sweet William
1st Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW ShCM
2nd Sh Ch Wynjill Well I Am JW
3rd Sh Ch Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschet JW


1st Gwendariff Guess who’s Comin to Northamber
2nd Heathclare Fancy Time at Vanders
3rd Gwendariffs Comin To A Party
Res Brabrook Rosealee
VHC Talharon Treve
1st Bardonhill Gingerella
2nd Orlanset Foxy Lady
3rd Twoacres Promise of Spripng with Avacet
Res Romarne April Showers
VHC Gwendariff Lily the Pink
1st Sh Ch Lyngor Living Water
2nd Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW ShCM
3rd Sh Ch Lynwood Lissed by an Angel at Sandstream JW Sh CM
Res Sh Ch Millcroft Ballad of the Moon JW
1st Anlory Carignan
2nd Anlory Carmina
3rd Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely
Res Covarney Lil’ Diva
VHC Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess at Lochindorb
1st Gwendariff D’Ya Likeme Best JW
2nd Caskeys Showtime with Bluesprings
3rd Braidmount Lady in Waiting JW
Res Bardonhill Endless Love to Kerryfair
VHC Braidmount Lady of the Lake at Bransett
1st Anlory Carignan
2nd Anlory Carmina
3rd Bardonhill Gingerella
Res Orlanset Foxy Lady
VHC Romarne April Showers
1st Anlory Carignan
2nd Anlory Carmina
3rd Bardonhill Gingerella
Res Romarne April Showers
1st Anlory Carignan
2nd Anlory Carmina
3rd Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely
Res Swiftlark First Light over Coppersheen
VHC Marzanne China In Your Hand
1st Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood
2nd Bardonhill Ice Ice Icicle JW
3rd Wynjill Love Heart JW
Res Lochlorien True Detective is Andley
VHC Sandstream Summer Breeze JW
1st Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood
2nd Sandtream Welcome Breeze JW
3rd Danaway Goody Two Shoes
Res Lanstara Spring Star JW
VHC Amberlight Guinevere
1st Bardonhill Afternoon D’Lite at Fernstart
2nd Aoibheanne’s Say No More JW
3rd Gwendariff Whipsa Daisy
Res Joanmas Perfect Lullaby
VHC Withersdale Telling Tales
1st Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream
2nd Suteresett Miss Curious About Henaleas JW
3rd Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure
Res Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley
VHC Glenvarna Dora The Explorer JW
1st Sh Ch Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount
2nd Thendara Jocasta JW
3rd Sh Ch Anlory Carinena JW
Res Caskeys Movie Star at Sixoaks JW

Dog Critique – Mr B Limpus

I would like to thank the officers & committee for the kind invitation to judge this prestigious show. I was disappointed in the lack of muscle in a lot of the exhibits. Our dogs are a happy bunch who like free running, please give them exercise to build muscle and move correctly in the ring, handlers are also running dogs to fast and close to their body around the ring. Dogs move far better and truer on a loose lead and away from handler, allowing the judge to access correct movement. I would like to thank my two stewards for keeping the ring running smoothly. I found two bad bites, presentation on the whole was good. I was pleased with my principle placing.


M.P.D. (8) 1st Holly`s Wynjill WinnerTakes All, well suited name for this young man 6 mth, head developing nicely, ears well set, correct eye shape with raise of brow developing, body of good lines, just right amount of bone, his feet nicely padded and tight, he moved with such style holding his head proudly in the air, his tail is well set on which he used happily on the move, BPD & RBPIS

2nd Savage`s Bradbrook Masterpiece At Fireball, different type to 1, leaner in skull, clean neck with good shoulders, dark eye, ears well set, good depth of brisket with rib, tail well set on, when settled he moved steady going and coming.

3rdDrinkwater`s Bradbrook Whispered.

P.D.(11) 1st Davis` Pawsword Prairie Wind, Liked the head on this young man, developing on the right lines, good bone, straight limbs with neat feet, chest deep, shoulders well set, plenty of width in quarters, he was stronger on his rear movement, allowing him to win this class.

2nd Chorley- Newton & Chorley`s Pawsword Priceless To Kerryfair, have done this young man well before, he has a masculine head developing , lots of same remarks as 1, would like a little more length to loin as I`m sure will come as he matures, moved a little closely behind to-day.

3rd Parson & Gisby`s Sutersett Tom Collins At Bransett.

V.D.(6:1) Lovely class to judge all the dogs were a credit to their owners 1st Edwards` SH CH Gwendariff  Rockin Robin JW what can I say that has not been said before, hold`s his sire`s head, with equal planes and a depth of muzzle which is lacking in a lot of heads, he still has a splendid outline, presented in full bloom and good condition a real credit to the breed  owner/handler & breeder. I understand this was his retirement show. Hope he enjoys his retirement as he has given many judges enjoyment of judging him, pleased to award him R.C.C.

2nd Hogarth`s SH CH Avacet Snowdrift 2nd & 3rd has the same sire who certainly stamped his mark on these two, a lot of remarks are for both dogs, classic heads and expressions, both well constructed and presented to perfection, good in depth and well ribbed, clean in front and with good quarters moved steady around the ring.

3rd Pullen & Atkin`s SH CH Harvancourt Harlem At Jacingal.

J.D.(2) 1st Kniveton & Allen`s Quensha Starman Aboard Orstone , balanced young man, pleasing head with kind expression, correct ear set, straight front, nice depth of brisket with spring of rib, good top line, moved well.

2nd Gratton`s Bardonhill Ginger Genius, unplaced in puppy but more settled in this class, his head is coming along nicely, dark eye, ears well set, arched neck, straight limbs, chest of good depth tight feet, moved ok.

Y.D.(11:1) 1st Lorrimer`s Kerrimere Charismatic JW, one for then future i`m sure, lovely headed young man, arched neck into correct shoulder placement, good chest bone, feet nicely arched, strong top line and tail well set, plenty of depth & rib, nice length to body with arched loin & correct croup, liked his overall balance & conformation, handled and moved well fore & aft.

2nd Williamson`s Caskeys Solar Eclipse At Blue springs, like his type, head with equal planes & raise of brow, eye correct shape and dark, muzzle square, good front and feet, well boned, plenty of depth, shoulders well laid, top line strong with tail well set just off croup, quarters well defined with short hocks, moved freely on a loose lead, handler needs to relax to get the best from him, he`s a lovely dog

3rd Bott`s Gwendariff  D`ya  Know My Name By Bardonhill JW

M.D.(5) 1st Kniveton & Allen`s Quensha Starman Aboard Orstone

2nd Stockton`s Gwendariff  D`Ya Think I`m Fab For Kespas, his head needs to develop, pleasing in outline, good in chest & rib, balanced outline good width in quarters & short hocks, tail well set on moved steady

3rd Gratton`s Bardonhill Ginger Genius

N.D. (3) 1st Kniveton & Allen`s Quensha Starman Aboard Orstone

2nd McNeil& Boyd-McNeil`s Gwendariff Gonna Go For Gold, this is a promising young man he should develop into a lovely boy, correct head developing just getting to the breaking stage, clean in outline with good overall balance, rich colour, steady on the move with true footfall, one to watch

3rd McDowell`s Gwendariff Gonna Do It For Byedales

U.G.D.(4) 1st Child`s Tredura Val Verdi, true irish head, clean neck with straight front, neck arched into well laid shoulders, plenty of heart room with spring of rib, strong quarters & short hocks, when settled with his runner moved strongly around the ring

2nd Pym`s Thendara The Watchmaker, typical head from this kennel, handsome not pretty, correct planes with well set ears & good shape eyes, dark in colour, raise of brow with chiselling on cheeks, muzzle of good depth, strong arched neck, good fore chest, straight limbs, with good feet, ribs well sprung, quarters with good width & stifles well bent, would like a little more length in loin but he has time to develop, move true with handler going & coming

3rdPullen`s Brinara Iago

G.D.(9:1) 1st Partridge`s Kerrydown One Man, upstanding boy with a classic head, masculine but refined, good eye, liked his body proportions, good angulation, nicely boned, strong quarters with muscle, moved well,

2nd Gardners` Danwish Wizard Of Oz, another dog with correct head, just loved his expression, plenty of workings, well developed body, good chest & rib, strong top line tail set just below croup, good bend of stifle,  quarters well muscled allowing him to move around the ring freely, these two could swap places any time , like him.

3rd Longbottom & Steward – Ritchie`s Gwendariff  Unknowen Soldier JW

P.G.D.(12:1) Naylor & Morrison`s Anlory Keltic Blue Sky, what this boy lacks in coat he makes up in his movement, loved his head & expression just melts you, strong neck into best of shoulders, well defined chest bone, well off for bone with straight limbs & tight feet, plenty of depth to chest, wide quarters, short in hocks, certainly showed a clean pair of heels when he moved , powered around the ring, presentation could have been better 

2nd Muir`s Romarne Tattinger JW, another lovely boy, showed good balance when staked, front straight with good  limbs, plenty of depth to chest, wide quarters, arched neck, shoulders well laid gently sloping top line, tail set correctly, nice width of stifle, moved steady fore & aft

3rd Bell & Barker- Bell Balintyne Just For You

M.L.D. (11:2) 1st Rowbottom`s Lanstara Spring Moon, star of the day, have admired this boy from the ringside was not disappointed when going over him, striking dog, head with a melting expression , masculine but soft and handsome with good chiselling, and equal planes, just the right amount of raise of brow, good reach of neck, strong into good shoulder placement, fore chest well developed, well off for bone, his feet are well padded & nicely arched, deep in chest with good ribs, top line is strong, gently sloping to well set on tail, his rear quarters are well muscled & straight hocks, carry`s himself well on the move head held high reaching out with his front limbs & driving from the back using his tail well, moved with drive & panache, he looks balanced stacked and when moving, shown in full bloom, credit to his owner/handler & breeder, please to award him his 1st CC & full agreement with my co-judge well done

2nd Edwards` Gwendariff The Pink Panther Of Bonhomie, nicely constructed dog, pleasing  head, good bone, nice depth to brisket well angulated moves with good footfall

3rd Cuddy`s Sutersett Rebel RouserIn Balbriggan JW

L.D.(12:2) 1st Cuddy`s Aoibheannes Quite The RebelBy Balbriggan JW have done this boy well before, well balanced dog, with a handsome head, straight front with neat feet, ribs well sprung and brisket deep, moves well fore & aft just need to carry his tail a little lower

2nd Mclarnon`s Gwendariff Nut`s About Glenavna JW this boy inherited his sire`s head, handsome with a glint of irish devilment which he was for his handler, he`s well constructed with good balance, everything in the right place, good body proportions, strong quarters with muscle moves well, handler needs to get the best of him.

3rd Bouttell & Burbridge`s Lynwood Lark In The Dark

O.D.(4:1) 1st Cohen`s Caispern Lorenzo With Shushana JW ShCM  he has a gentle expression with good workings in cheeks & raise of brow, good front , neat feet, chest well developed, deep with good rib, he`s got a gently sloping top line with good tail set, stifles well bent, moves freely.

2nd Holly`s SH CH  Wynjill Well I Am JW, Pleasing head, shorter coupled dog then 1, good depth, and strong loin, chest well developed ribs well sprung, strong arched neck with well laid shoulders, moves soundly around the ring

3rd Tuites` SH CH Riverwood Kazatchok With Porschet JW (imp bel)

Brian Limpus (Judge)

BITCHES: Mr P Armstrong (Atron)

Breed: Irish Setter ( Bitches)

I was delighted to be invited by the Committee to judge at this show it being some 10 years since my last time judging bitches. I was pleased with the overall quality of the bitches shown under me and in the main had little trouble in selecting the prize winners in each class.


1st. Hinslea’s Gwendariff Guess Who’s Comin To Northamber. A very promising baby with a delightful head with good expression and nice eye. Good reach of neck, ample spring of rib, super topline and balanced outline. Well angulated front and rear. Nice neat feet. Well presented. Moved very soundly and happily around the ring. Will watch her progress with interest. Pleased to see her be awarded Best Puppy in Show in complete agreement with my co-judge.

2nd. Howatsons’s Heathclare Fancy Time At Vanders. Much rangier type than the winner with perhaps not quite the overall balance as yet. Decent head and kind expression. Good sternum and deep well ribbed chest. Pleasing sloping topline, good angulation. Correct tailset. Very elegant in profile. Moved well.

3rd. Sheridan’s Gwendariff Comin To A Party.


1st. Bott’s Bardonhill Gingerella. Promising upstanding youngster winning this class on overall maturity. Nice head. Good straight front with well placed shoulders. Ample depth of chest. Good quarters. Excellent in profile with nice sloping topline. Shown in good coat and condition.

2nd. Hemming’s Orlanset Foxy Lady. More compact well bodied puppy. Appealing head with good eye shape and colour. Well arched neck set well into laid back shoulders. Good body proportions. Nice tight feet. Moved well

3rd. Elkin’s Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet.


Fabulous class of oldies.

1st. Hogflesh’s Sh.Ch. Lyngor Living Water JW. Superb head and soft quizzical expression, nice dark eye. Well constructed throughout with an elegant outline. Nice straight front, pronounced sternum, so rare nowadays it seems, with ample depth of chest. Good quarters. Excellent in profile with nice gently sloping topline. Presented in good coat and condition for her age. Moved regally around the ring with her head held high as though she owned it and today she did !. Delighted to see her awarded Best Veteran in Show in complete agreement with my co-judge.

2nd. Stevenson’s Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW ShCM. Pushed very hard for the top spot but today just could not surpass the overall qualities of the winner. Elegant feminine head and expression. Good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Another presented in excellent condition for her age.

3rd. Waterton’s Sh.Ch.Lynwood Kissed By An Angel At Sandstream JW ShCM.


Little to spilt between the first two places.

1st. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carignan. Decent head and soft expression, nice dark eye. Well constructed throughout with an elegant outline. Nice straight front and deep chest. Good quarters and nice short hocks. Moved soundly with drive around the ring. in harmony with her handler. Well presented.

2nd. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carmina. Today just preferring the head proportions and condition of the winner, but will no doubt change places on another day. Kind expression, nice dark well shaped eye. Good in profile, straight front. Good angulation, strong hindquarters, nice tight feet. Movement perhaps not quite as positive as the winner.

3rd. Mugford’s Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely


1st. Meadow’s Gwendariff D’ya Likeme Best JW. Lovely type of bitch. Appealing head and kind expression. Well constructed throughout with an elegant outline. Nice straight front and deep well ribbed chest. Good quarters and short hocks. Moved soundly with drive around the ring.

2nd. Williamson’s Caskey’s Showtime with Bluesprings. Beautifully headed bitch so typical her breeding. Soft expression, raised brows, nice dark correctly shaped eye. Balanced profile, straight front. Feminine yet with substance. Good angulation, strong hindquarters. Moved well, eventually, in harmony with her handler. Perhaps not quite in her best coat today.

3rd. Hunter & Brown’s Braidmount Lady In Waiting JW.


1st. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carignan

2nd. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carmina.

3rd. Bott’s Bardonhill Gingerella.


1st. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carignan

2nd. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carmina.

3rd. Bott’s Bardonhill Gingerella.


1st. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carignan

2nd. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carmina.

3rd. Mugford’s Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely.


1st. Mugford’s Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood ( IMP HUN ) JW. Definite winner here despite this being a very strong class. Refined head with correct planes and kind soft expression. Excellent reach of neck, deep brisket. True front, firm sloping topline which she held on the move. Well angulated front and rear. Balanced profile. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Must have a very bright future.

2nd. Bott’s Bardonhill Ice Ice Icicle. Another nice type, if a little more rangier, just preferred the head of the winner. Good body proportions, well angulated shoulders, correct tailset. Nice neat feet. Perhaps not quite as good behind. Moved well.

3rd. Holley’s Wynjill Love Heart JW.


1st. Mugford’s Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood ( IMP HUN ) JW.

2nd. Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW. Pressed hard, just loosing out on overall balance and substance. Well proportioned refined head and kind eye, good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Good spring of rib, nice firm topline. Adequate angulation, moved well.

3rd. Taylor’s Danaway Goody Two Shoes.


Another super class with little to separate the first three.

1st. Box’s Bardonhill Afternoon D’Lite At Fernstart. Pleasing head with raised brows and a soft kind expression. Excellent reach of gently arched neck flowing into shoulders. Correct front, good depth of chest, well ribbed up. Presented in excellent coat and condition. Moved very well.

2nd. Ciechonska’s Aoibheanne’s Say No More JW.Very similar comments apply. Possessing a pleasing feminine head, good eye shape and low set ears. Excellent topline. Good angulation front and rear. Perhaps today lacking the drive when moving of the winner.

3rd. Meadow’s Gwendariff Whipsa Daisy.


Another very strong class.

1st. Armitage’s Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream. I cannot say that I have never really appreciated the qualities of this bitch from the ringside before. Balanced head with the sweetest of expressions, good reach of neck, nice deep chest, excellent angulation. Well off for bone. Good powerful quarters, which she used to advantage on the move, in fact driving so strongly and correctly about the ring that her hander had a hard time keeping up !. Shown in fabulous condition. Could not deny her the Bitch C.C.

2nd. Humprey’s Suteresett Miss Curious About Henaleas JW. Another pushing very hard. Refined head with the kindest of expressions. Well laid back shoulders, nice deep chest with good spring of rib. Excellent firm sloping topline and elegant profile. Well constructed and balanced throughout. Perhaps not quite the coat and condition of the winner. Moved well enough but it seemed at times just not quite in tune with her handler. Pleased to award her the Bitch Reserve C.C.

3rd. Bott’s Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure


1st. Hunter & Brown’s Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten At Braidmount ( IMP SWE ). Well chiseled head with raised brows and soft quizical expression. Solidly constructed throughout. Good reach of neck, well sprung ribs, nice deep chest and pronounced sternum. Strong loin and quarters. Shown and presented in decent coat and condition.

2nd. Gardner’s Thendara Jocaster JW. Possessing a well proportioned feminine head with a soft melting expression. Well set on ears. Excellent well balanced outline, but of bigger proportions than the winner. Good croup and tailset. Correct angulation front and rear. Moved steadily around the ring maintaining her topline.

3rd. Naylor & Morrison’s Sh.Ch. Anlory Carinena JW.

Peter Armstrong – Judge

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