Championship Show 23 February 2020

Judges – DOGS:Mrs C Stevenson


REFEREE: Mrs J Bayne

DCC & BIS Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW RDCC & RBIS Gwendariff I'm Comin Out JW
BPIS Lynwood Merry Mayden at Kedalita BCC & BVIS Int & Ir Sh Ch Millcroft Whispering Moon JUN CH AN CH'15

Bitch Critique

Midland Irish Setter Society Championship Show 2020 – Bitches

I would like to thank the society for inviting me to judge this well run show. It is particularly poignant as it was third time lucky as on the previous occasions I was rushed into hospital just days prior to the show. I would like to thank my two ring stewards Julie Greenan and Graham Hart for the professional way they ran the ring and David Hemmings for the photographs.

I was extremely pleased with my entry, however of concern was the number of suspect mouths in the lower classes, also the number of bad fronts, a number of exhibits had either very narrow fronts with weak pasterns or out at elbow. The breed standard call for a level sloping top line, there is a horrible trait creeping into the breed for level top lines, some exhibits had toplines more in kin to an English Setter, also dipping top lines are clearly seen which detracts from an elegant racy appearance.

Minor Puppy Bitch



Romarne Elouise.

A very elegant 7 month old puppy, which shows a tremendous amount of potential. Lovely head with a beautiful soft expression and dark eye. Striking outline and a beautiful overall shape. Good rear angulation and straight front. Loved the movement in her coat which was in excellent condition.




Astletyview Evangelina.

Very feminine pretty loved her head and expression. Correct shoulder placement, nice straight front. Gently sloping topline with correct tailset. Handled well and moved well.




Quensha Family Portrait For Teleri.

Outline balanced. Feminine lean head well chiselled with that dark eye, she has a lovely flow to her neck and topline, taller on the leg than 1 or 2.


Puppy Bitch



Lynwood Merry Mayden At Kedalita.

This 9 month quality bitch oozed quality. Oval skull from ear to ear without any coarseness, good foreface and skull in equal measure. Correct dark almond shape eye. Strong neck into well placed shoulders, with a pleasing gentle sloping topline and correct tail set. She has a lovely rich dark coat. Moved well. Please to award her Best Puppy in show in agreement with my co-judge. I will watch her progress with interest in the future.  




Gwendariff Up To Something.

Another promising puppy elegant feminine head well balanced. Soft gentle melting expression. Correct upper arm angulation, with a strong reach of neck into well laid shoulders, with a nice straight front, small firm catlike feet. Move well.




Twoacres Double Bubble.

Very feminine with a pretty head with a sweet gentle soft expression. Good length of neck moved well.


Veteran Bitch


Hunter & Brown

SH Ch Int CH Lady Louise Mountbatten At Braidmount.

9 ½ year old bitch. Lovely head and expression dark almond shape eye with a defined stop and no coarseness, ears set low. Strong arched neck flowing into well laid shoulder Moved with ease covering the ground effortlessly with drive.




Ch Lynwood Happy as a Lark JW.

Elegant 8 ½ year old bitch. Well well-balanced, correct head and expression. In hard muscular condition, with correct front angulation, deep well sprung ribs, strong loin and good finish to croup, correct topline held on the move, well turned stifles and short hocks. On the move she showed reach and drive.



Bott, Allen & Morgan’s

Sh Ch Bardonhill Please Don’t Tease Quensha.

I have always liked this bitch since she was a puppy and was pleased to have the opportunity to go over her today. Shown in full bloom; she showed style and real quality. Making the most of herself on the move with a lovely tail-set and carriage.


Junior Bitch



Balantyne Let It Be Me.

This 14 month old bitch has the most delightful head and expression, with good amount of stop giving correct eye position and shape, showing raised brows. Well angulated front assembly, standing on good bone and nice tight feet, deep well sprung rib carried nicely back to strong loin. Wide hindquarters with moderate amount of bend of stifle, good length to croup.




Lotushill Scot and Wry.

A slightly heavier bitch but everything in the right place, lovely head full of character, good forechest and depth, good rear angulation and strong through stifle down to good tight feet, moved out with confidence and drive.




Fernstart Angel’s Kiss.

Pleasing head and expression, I would have preferred more slope on her topline and tail set.



Special Yearling Bitch



Gwendariff Look At This Way To Wynjill.

Lovely head although with a defined stop and soft expression. She has a good reach of neck which flows smoothly into well laid shoulders. Good depth in the chest and loin. She has a nice turn of stifle. A good croup and small neat feet and a lovely rich dark coat and moved well.




Bardonhill Love of My Life.

A very close decision between 1 & 2. Beautiful, correct proportions, her head has finish to muzzle, dark well shaped eye with the correct amount of stop. Correct front angulation with enough pro-sternum, deep ribs carried well back to loin, good finish to croup and tail set, Moved freely.




Lanstara Ruby Slippers.

A very feminine bitch in very good condition, nothing overdone here, pleasing head, with good bone and neat feet,



Maiden Bitch



Lynwood Merry Mayden At Kedalita.




Twoacres Double Bubble.




Bridgella’s Don’t Push It.

Good shape and size. Lovely head and neck into a well-made front with well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Today this bitch was not showing to her full advantage.


Novice Bitch



Lynwood Merry Mayden At Kedalita.




Twoacres Double Bubble.




Lotushill Scot and Wry


Undergraduate Bitch



Sixoaks Leading Lady

This bitch really stood out in this class exceptionally well presented quality from head to tail. Superb head nicely balance not course in any way with soft gentle expression. Correct reach of neck with good lay of shoulders and well let down elbows with a nice straight front. Powerful hind quarters with short hocks which she used to her advantage when covering the ground.




Konakakela Just Meant To Be Siochanna

Her profile when stood is so balanced and unexaggerated, but also shapely and feminine. She has a quality head piece, balanced and proportionate, lovely oval backskull, expressive eye brows, Elegant neck smoothly flowing into a strong topline. Good depth to the ribs, and carried well back, firm over the loin. Nicely angulated hindquarters.



Berry and Morris’

Quensha What A Girl Wants Via Brinara.

An elegant and racy bitch, balanced all through. Pretty head, good neck into excellent front construction, nice depth of chest, good forechest, correct topline and strong quarters. In lovely coat and condition.


Graduate Bitch


Hunter & Brown’s

Braidmount In My Life.

A very elegant and powerful bitch, superb head and expression, strong topline and tailset. Balanced, excellent body and substance moved with excellent drive and strength enough reach in front, glorious coat and condition, a very pleasant overall balanced bitch to look at.




Sixoaks Leading Lady.




Twoacres Destiny.

So feminine and elegant in her profile. Pretty head with a lovely dark eye. Well proportioned. Long slightly arched neck, good depth to the brisket and spring of ribs. Strong in her hindquarters.



Post Graduate Bitch



Ixia Rainbow Brite.

Superb head and expression, pleasing head with lovely finish to foreface, enough stop correct almond shaped dark eye and raised eyebrows, low set ears, strong powerful neck, good layback to shoulders, would just like a little more return to upper arm, deep well sprung ribs. Correct topline, wide hindquarters to well bent stifles and strong rear pasterns




Twoacres Spring Blossom.

Lovely head with lovely raised brows which gives her a typical melting setter expression, strong powerful arched neck. Correct front angulation. Moved with drive.




Delsanto Miss Freya.

A quality bitch with good head proportions just a little plainer in foreface than 1 and 2, raised brows eye shape and colour, strong crested neck into well-made front, Strong through her loin and wide well angulated hindquarter and croup, I would have liked more coat to complete the picture.


Mid Limit Bitch



Millcroft Scarlet Moon.

This bitch is so typical of this kennel. Gorgeous head with a soft quizzical expression, good stop and correct almond shape eye, muscular arched neck into good lay of shoulder, good fore-chest. Gently sloping topline, Good powerful hind quarters used to advantage on the move. Was pleased to award her the Res CC




Kerrydown Octavia.

A slightly heavier bitch but full of quality and everything in the right place and so light on her feet on the move, covering the ground with ease, In full coat, pleasing head, with a defined stop correct eye shape. Good forechest and depth, good rear angulation and strong through stifle down to good tight feet.




Lynwood Abracadabra JW.

Lovely type, shape and balance. Feminine head and expression. Excellent fore chest, angulations front and back. Moved really well, strong and extended front and back and straight forwards.


Limit Bitch



Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess At Lochindorb.

Beautiful well shaped bitch with lovely outline, Pleasing head with a kind expression, well arched neck, solid topline, correct tail-set, Well angulated both front and rear, deep in body with excellent spring of rib, glorious coat and condition, moved with powerful reach and drive.



Evan & Crocker’s

Riverbrue Keepsake.

A lot to like about this lovely bitch who has a pleasing head and expression with plenty of work through her foreface. Well balanced throughout and angulations fore and aft. Well held sloping topline standing and on the move, moved well with drive.




Lanstara Spring Star JW

Lovely bitch presented in excellent condition. Lovely type, a little more short coupled in proportion. Excellent feminine head and expression. Nice angulations, bone and feet. Gently sloping topline. Powerful driving movement, happy correct tail action.



Open Bitch



INT & IR CH Millcroft Whispering Moon.

The most beautiful feminine head, good stop giving the correct eye position dark almond shaped eyes, giving that quizzical Irish expression. Lovely reach of neck into correctly angulated front assembly. Gently sloping topline. Good bend of stifle and width of thigh. In good muscular condition. Very sound on the move, covering the ground with such ease. I was pleased to have had the opportunity to go over this bitch and award her the CC and in agreement BVIS.



Bott, Allen and Morgan

Sh Ch Quensha Tumble and Twirl JW.

A really beautiful feminine head and a true Irish expression. Low set ears of good length, nice depth to chest and a true straight front with good rear angulation. Perfect topline which she held well on the move. Moved well with drive and animation.




Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW

A lot of good qualities about this very feminine bitch. She is so very pretty and free from any exaggerations, lovely flowing lines and is so sound. Her neck flows cleanly into well laid shoulders leading to a striking topline culminating in a strong croup and good tail set. She is racy in her build with a deep chest


David Pike  – Judge

Dog Critique     

 Midland Irish Setter Society Championship Show 2020 – Dogs

Such a shame your original judge Sue Ward was taken ill, but thank you to those who accepted me as your replacement and exhibited anyway.
I was delighted to have such a depth of quality in the dogs I assessed. ‘Every show, whatever the level is one person’s opinion on one day of one group of dogs. We all take the best dogs home with us. ‘
The slippery floor made movement quite difficult to assess at times, particularly with the younger dogs who like to bounce their way around the ring. I was very concerned every time I saw a dog slipping as they endeavoured to get around the corners and one or two humans seemed to find it difficult to negotiate too.
Sadly there were several exhibits who were carrying too much weight. Perhaps some of this is due to recent weather conditions, but in some cases the muscle was there underneath but the excess weight caused the dogs to lose their topline on the move. I was disappointed with some of the presentation as quite a few dogs had long nails or hadn’t had their feet trimmed. Whilst conformation and movement is clearly the most important thing, when it comes down to making some close decisions it does impact on the overall picture of the dog.
There were some very close decisions where dogs of differing types each had their own merits. It became a case of balancing an excellent front against a lovely bend of stifle with good muscling and strong hocks, or a lovely outline and overall balance against a lack of forechest.
Overall I was very happy with my winners and I look forward to seeing how some of the youngsters develop as they grow and mature.


Nice class of babies headed by 3 very different boys, each with their own merits. I’m sure they will all change places many times as they grow up.

1 Bott, Allen & Morgan – QUENSHA JUST LIKE FIRE- This young man has a lovely head with dark eyes and soft expression. His outline is well balanced with a correct topline and tailset. Nice tight feet and well presented. Would prefer slightly tighter elbows, but he drove off well from strong hindquarters.
2 Gutsell- COPPER’S ACROSS THE WATER (IMP SE)NAF – Just 6 months and a real baby but really caught my eye. Lovely outline, well-constructed throughout. Attractive head with soft expression and square finish to muzzle. Well off for bone. Moved soundly for his age. Everything in proportion.
3 Milligan Bott & Bott – OAKDENE SHOW ME THE MONEY (IMP BEL)- This boy has a very attractive head with dark eyes. Excellent neck and shoulder construction, good bone and plenty of spring of rib. Would just prefer slightly more bend of stifle and width of thigh.


1 Nicholls – STRATHMEAD ALEXEI- This dog has a soft expression with good eye shape and colour. Would prefer a little more stop but hopefully this will come with maturity. Low set ears. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Plenty of forechest, correct topline, nice width of thigh with enough bend of stifle. Moved well in his class but went a little haywire in the challenge for BPIS.


Lovely class of older gents, very close decision between the first three.

1 Walsh & Foster – MILLCROFT CHASE THE MOON TO SHANOAH –  Balanced outline, looked good both standing and on the move. Nothing overdone, a good honest setter. Deep chest with plenty of forechest. Good angulation both front and rear, drove off well from short, strong hocks.
2 Mitchell – SH CH AMBLINS SWEET WILLIAM – This boy looked a picture today, correct topline and tailset, presented in good coat with lovely tight feet. Good angulation front and rear just preferred the head and neck of 1, very little between them.
3 Cohen – CAISPERN LORENZO WITH SHUSHANA JW SHCM – Another handsome boy with lots to offer. Slightly heavier in the head than 1 & 2 and shorter in the back, but well-made and moved well. Presented in good coat and condition.


1 Cohen LYNWOOD MERRY MAY KING WITH SHUSHANA – Really gave his handler a hard time, but when he settled he looked good both standing and moving. Sweet head with soft expression and dark eye. Well balanced with no exaggeration in any department. Good straight front, nice angulation with well laid shoulders and good width of thigh at the rear. Good spring of rib, and lovely tight feet.
2 Jones – RIVERDANCE OF IRISH SMILING EYE (IMP BEL)- Longer cast dog but shorter in neck. Pleasant head and expression. Enough body for his size.

Lovely class of promising young boys.

1 Davis – GRAYRIGGE MYSTRAL WIND WITH ALANASETT JW – This boy has a handsome head with dark eyes and soft expression. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders. Correct topline and tailset. Clean outline, enough bone for his frame, short strong hocks. Moved well, with reach at the front and drive from the rear.
2 Richardson – GWENDARIFF I’M FOOL PROOF – Mature boy with much to admire. Nice finish to muzzle and good proportions to head with correct eye shape and colour giving soft expression. Slightly shorter in neck than 1. Good depth to chest. Clean topline into tailset. Lovely tight feet, short hocks, moved well.






1 Harris- BLAZING BRONZE HAPPY CLAPPY SINGS KONAKAKELA (IMP NLD) JW- Really caught my eye in the line-up. Plenty of work in his head, clean neck into good shoulder angulation. Gently sloping topline into correct tailset. Good depth to chest. Good width to thigh with enough angulation and muscle to help him move soundly. Presented in good coat and lovely condition.
2 Corless – SWIFTLARK SECOND TO NONE WITH MAGEMBAY – Lots to like about this boy, nice head shape, short coupled but balanced frame. Pronounced second thigh and well muscled.
3 ? details not in catalogue – LYNWOOD LOVE POTION


1 Naylor & Morrison- ANLORY DUNCAN JW – Striking young man with lovely outline. Low set ears on a well-shaped head with correct eye shape and colour giving lovely, soft expression. Clean neck and shoulders with good construction and straight front. Good forechest and depth of chest, good spring to rib. Correct topline and tailset. Stands on the tightest of feet with well arched toes. Well muscled throughout with well defined second thigh. Moved very well off strong hindquarters, reaching out from his well angled upper arm as he drove around the ring using his lashing tail to full effect. One to watch for the future.
2 Bailey – DANAWAY DESERT SONG – Very different type to 1 but his balanced construction and unexaggerated outline caught my eye. Strong neck and shoulders, good topline leading back to well constructed quarters. Good width of thigh, with good muscle. Liked his spring of rib and deep chest. Moved well.
3 Dewar – GWENDARIFF WILLY WON’T HE – Handsome boy with lovely expression and good finish to muzzle. Presented in fantastic coat and condition. Plenty of bone for his size. Presented a lovely, balanced picture and moved soundly.


Very close decision here. A lovely class of handsome boys so splitting hairs for the final placings.
1 Russell – LYNWOOD HOCUS POCUS AT SETTERSOLI JW – Have often admitted this boy from the ringside so was pleased to have the opportunity to go over him. This dog has a refined head with raised brows over dark eyes giving a soft expression. He has a good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. He has forechest and depth of chest under a gently sloping topline into correct tailset. Strong hindquarters with short hocks. Moved well using his tail to full advantage.
2 Lorrimer- KERRIMERE CLASSIQUE – This boy has come on enormously since I last judged him. Very different type to the winner but another lovely dog. Nice head shape with just enough work, nothing overdone. Kind expression with low set ears. Gentle arching to his strong but clean neck leading through to a good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Deep, well sprung ribs, correct length of loin and good hind quarters. Lovely tight feet, presented in beautiful coat.
3 Holley – WYNJILL SNAP DRAGON- Very similar comments apply as 1 & 2, loved his shape, his head and outline. Just slightly lacking in forechest for me, but otherwise a lovely dog.


1 Muir & O’Connor – GWENDARIFF I’M COMIN OUT JW – Really stood out in this class. Striking outline, well bodied and looking the best I’ve ever seen him. He has a lovely head with square finish to his muzzle, raised brows giving quizzical expression from his dark eyes. Low set ears, clean over neck and shoulders with good shoulder placement and return of upper arm which was evident in his reach on the move. Correct topline and tailset. Well muscled throughout, strong hindquarters with just the right amount of angulation on his stifles. Short, strong hocks, arched toes and tight feet with well kept nails. Beautifully presented in flowing coat and superb condition. Moved with drive and enthusiasm using his tail to full effect. Just slightly over enthusiastic on the final challenge, but definitely considered for top honours. Pleased to award him the reserve CC and with the agreement of my co judge, reserve best in show.
2 Corless- SWIFTLARK FIRST KNIGHT – Heavier framed than 1 but still much to commend. Really like his head and general construction. He was giving his handler a bit of a hard time, but moved very soundly. Well off for bone and everything in proportion. A good honest setter.


A difficult class to judge as there were some very different types each with their own merits.

1 Pym- THENDARA THE WATCHMAKER – Impressive, eye catching and heavily coated dog. Beautifully presented in fabulous condition. A little broad in the skull for my taste, but still an attractive head. Well muscled throughout, carrying just the right amount of weight for his frame. Good shoulder placement and straight front. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Correct length of loin, topline and tailset. Good bend of stifle and width of thigh. Plenty of bone. Short, strong hocks. Drove beautifully around the ring.
2 Davis – PASSWORD PRIAIRIE WIND WITH ALANASETT JW –Completely different looking dog to 1, finer head and slightly longer frame. Really liked his head and expression. Well balanced with good angulation both fore and aft. Dark coated, well presented. Good depth of chest and enough forechest. Well muscled hindquarters.


1 Stockton – SH CH RIVERBRUE ALCHEMIST AMIDST KESPAS JW – Have always admired this dog so was delighted to have the opportunity to judge him. He presents a balanced picture with everything as it should be from his lovely head to the tip of his tail. Dark eyes of correct shape and colour which twinkle with mischief. Good reach of neck into clean, well laid shoulders. Good upper arm angulation, straight front with plenty of forechest. Good depth to his chest and spring of rib ending in correct length of loin. Well muscled hindquarters with just the right amount of bend to his stifle. Gently sloping topline and correct tail set. Moved soundly and with drive, flowing around the ring. Well presented and handled. Delighted to award him the CC and on the decision of the referee Best In Show.
2 Longbottom – SH CH GWENDARIFF UNKNOWN SOLDIER JW – Beautifully presented dog in gleaming coat and condition. Shorter coupled than 1. Well constructed although my personal preference would be for slightly less bend of stifle for his frame. Beautiful, tight feet, well off for bone.

Cheryl Stevenson – Judge

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