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Championship Show 6th February 2022


 DOGS:Miss Jo-Anne Parsons (Bransett)

BITCHES: Miss Cathy Loughlin (Rohanmor)

REFEREE: Mrs Lynne Sketchley (Kerrimere)

DCC & BIS Quensha Take A Bow BCC & RBIS Gwendariff Its Numero Uno At Bonhomie
BPIS Harreds Liam BVIS Sandstream Welcome Breeze
Judges Critique


Thank you to the Committee of MISS for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show and for looking after me so well throughout the day. Thank you to my very efficient stewards and also to Maggie for documenting the day with her beautiful photography.

My sincere thanks to all of the exhibitors, what a stunning entry, I enjoyed every single moment of what turned out to be my first Championship Show judging appointment. Having not attended many shows over the past two years I was looking upon many of these exhibits with fresh eyes and was so pleased with the depth of quality through the whole entry. I actually found looking at my final line up very emotional, how lucky we all are to share our lives with this stunning breed.

Minor Puppy (6)

Wow, what a start to the day! This class was full of top quality youngsters.

1st – Hall’s Harreds Liam – this young man stole my heart. He has a stunning head, already so refined, dark eyes, raised brows and exquisite chiselling. Well boned with superb forechest and correct layback of shoulders and a great return of upper arm. He already has depth to his chest and a strength through his loin and he stands on a strong, neat feet. Typical happy go lucky puppy attitude on the move, enjoying every minute of his day and lapping up the attention. A rich chestnut coat finished the picture perfectly. Won this superb class, BPD and then BPIS against his BPB sister.

2nd Danks-Kemish’s Coppers Welcome to the Party at Alolfrana – another exciting young dog full of potential. He has a kind, gentle expression with a lean but masculine head. Rich, dark, gleaming coat and great depth of chest and spring of rib. Slightly longer in loin than 1 he has correct angulation fore and aft with a lovely sweep of stifle and strong hocks. Moved very well with great drive and purpose.

3rd – Bott’s Bardonhill Carry On Dick

Puppy (5, 1a)

1st – Danks-Kemish’s Coppers Welcome to the Party at Alolfrana

2rd – Bott’s Bardonhill Carry On Dick – another smashing youngster. He is full of quality with great substance. Handsome and refined head with a gentle look to his expression. Flowing topline and strong quarters which he put to good use on the move. Lovely to see a puppy moving on a loose lead, he had his head held high, carrying himself so well, maintaining his topline at all times while still having that lovely puppy roll and a wagging tail.

3rd – Rutherford and Prangle’s Clonageera Touch of Gold

Veteran (6, 2a)

1st – Mitchell’s Sh.Ch. Amblin’s Sweet William – Very handsome 9 year old dog who is a wonderful representative of the breed, a good example of a dog with moderation combined with quality throughout. The kindest of dark eyes, refined, lean head with nothing overdone. Muscular, clean neck, good bone and a well developed rib and loin. He moved with positivity and purpose in his class today holding his topline with a well set on tail. BVD

2nd – Edwards’ Gwendariff PS I Love You at Bonhomie – A taller dog than 1, very elegant, longer in neck but maintains his balance, especially on the move. He has a wonderful straight, deep chestnut coat and he was presented in immaculate condition. He also moved extremely well with great drive and animation.

3rd – Fosters’ Millcroft Chase the Moon to Shanoah

Junior (4, 1a)

1st – Gratton and Gratton’s Glenlaine Moonstone – A young dog who shows so much elegance and refinement but he still has lots of maturing to do. His head is wonderfully balanced, lovely depth of muzzle and correct amount of foreface which was lacking in some today. Expressive raised brow and dark eye, low set on ears, he has a look of mischief about him and a twinkle in his eye. Flowing topline, straight front, strong boned with neat, tight feet. He just needs to strengthen up in his back end on the move. Shown in wonderful condition.

2nd – Corless’ Swiftlark Invincible – Very different type to 1 and he is also at that stage where he is maturing into adulthood. A bigger, rangier dog than 1 but still has balance and now just needs time to settle into his frame. Handsome head, muscular neck and strong topline. Great depth to his chest, muscular loin and correct rear angulation. Moved with drive and with great personality.

3rd – Murray’s Bluebyeyou Love Affair at Derrydore

Yearling (7, 1a)

Such an exciting class to judge.

1st – Bott, Allen and Morgan’s Quensha Take a Bow – I started the day with an image in my mind of a true Irish Setter and this dog was absolutely everything I was looking for – he is so full of quality, most handsome, really refined and racy. He manages to combine style, elegance and masculinity without any coarseness or being over done or exaggerated in any way. He is very mature, but when you get your hands on him, he is also a fit young dog who is constructed so soundly and athletically. He has a ‘stop you in your tracks’ outline with a flowing topline, ample forechest and well laid back shoulders with the correct layback of upper arm. He is strong in his hind quarters with a fabulous sweep of stifle and short, straight hocks. He has that true Irish attitude about him, his head is handsome, with a dark, unshelled almond eye and raised brow which he used to great effect watching me walk around the ring at all times. He moved with such enthusiasm, driving around the ring. He did have to work hard in my final line up against some stunning dogs and on my final walk round he turned his head, gave me ‘that look’ and the day belonged to him. I was pleased to award him the CC, which turned out to be his third, and in agreement with my co judge BIS.

2nd – Hemmings’ Orlanset Mandolin – how wonderful to find another absolute cracker so early on in the day and how exciting for the future of the breed to have this many ‘up and coming’ dogs. This is another boy with a typical outline, his topline flows, sloping gently from the tip of his nose through to the tip of his tail. He has a handsome, balanced head, strong, moderate neck and is excellent in his fore angulation. Correct depth of chest and well sprung ribs, great bone and really neat, tight feet. I really liked his balance, his length of loin and well-made quarters and short, straight hocks. Moved with drive and as you would expect from a dog with great conformation.

3rd – Beresford’s Jetsetter Wind of Dreams (Rus IMP) – have to give this lad a mention, not as mature as the first two but another exciting prospect.

Maiden (3, 1a)

1st – Dufrat’s Riverbrue Cast No Shadow on Haverley – an eye catching young dog shown in lovely condition, with a rich dark, straight coat. He excels in head with refined but masculine features. Strong, muscular and correct moderate neck length, well laid-back shoulders, muscular loin and very pleasing angulation in his stifle supported by short hocks. He seems to lack a little confidence in himself when you approach to look at him and he does tend to sink back into his shoulders, but he carries himself very well on the move, maintaining his topline and tail carriage and he looks very good in the free stand.

2nd – Gratton and Grattons Glenlaine Moonshine

Novice (5)

1st – Pike’s Redclyst The Celt – Fourth in a cracking Yearling class, a totally honest dog who is so very sound throughout, I was very impressed by him. He presents a very clean, elegant profile, he flows in his topline and has great balance, he holds himself very well and needs no fussing from his handler. It is his sound construction that allows him to move with great strength around the ring, driving from his well muscled hind quarters. Another promising young dog with a great future ahead of him.

2nd – Gratton and Gratton’s Glenlaine Moonshine

3rd – Fisher’s Quensha Who Knew

Undergraduate (9, 3a)

A class of some promising dogs at various stages of development.

1st – Pullen’s Ixia Fennec Fox – a typical young Irish dog, he enjoyed every minute of making this class hard work for his handler, but won this class as I saw great potential. He has a stunning balanced, lean head which was the best in the class, dark eyes of the correct shape, expressive raised brows and the look of the ‘Irish’ about him. Once he got it together he presents a very pleasing picture, he still has some maturing to do but is racy throughout with strong quarters. He is a little strong and exuberant on the move but once he realises his handler knows best he will settle.

2nd – Gilks’ Suteresett Mr Mistoffelees at Gochmawr – Another boy who did not make it easy for his handler. Rich chestnut coated dog shown in wonderful condition, nothing is overdone and he presents a nice picture when he relaxes. Correct depth to his chest, well sprung ribs and strong, muscular loin. He just tended to tense up when stood, but moved very well and used his powerful well muscled quarters and short, straight hocks to great advantage.

3rd – Murray’s Bluebyeyou Love Affair at Derrydore

Graduate (11)

Another fabulous class!

1st – Brown’s Riverbrue Soldier On – this boy had to pull out all the stops to win this really great class. He has very sound construction, slightly arched, muscular and moderate neck, fabulous lay back of shoulder and return of upper arm, strong in forechest with a deep chest and well sprung ribs. Gently sloping and flowing topline, the correct length to his loin and his tail is set on perfectly. He excels in hind angulation with the desired bend of stifles and short, strong hocks. He is a masculine dog and is not overdone in any way. I thought he was handled extremely well.

2nd – Cohen’s Lynwood Merry May King Shushana – I was very taken by this dog, so honest and correct in his construction, a wonderful example of the moderation described in the breed standard. When you get your hands on him he is totally unexaggerated but full of quality, refined and racy with a lovely outline. His head has the desired chiselling, raised brow and he is very handsome with a correct, balanced length to his foreface. He did not disappoint and came alive on the move powering around the ring, looking like he could easily do a days work.

3rd – Richardson’s Bluesprings Now I’m Here at Forestfire – another smashing dog – the first three will have some great battles in the future!

Post Graduate (12, 2a)

1st – Tapper and Leyland’s Lynwood Heypresto Kedalita – Here was a dog on top form today, in full bloom, shown in really great condition, as fit as a fiddle. He is totally unexaggerated and absolutely sound and so very balanced. Refined, masculine head, really correct through his neck and shoulders with a great forechest. Lovely spring of ribs and muscular loin with well constructed, strong, straight hind quarters. He moved with absolute ease maintaining his topline and tail set. Today he pushed very hard in the final line up and was in full consideration for top honours. He was handled to great advantage with no fuss and his personality was allowed to shine.

2nd – Hemmings’ Orlanset A New Flame – This dog has a really elegant outline, he is another eye catcher with a flowing and striking outline. There is nothing fussy or over done about him in any way, balanced and moderate throughout. Correct fore and aft angulation, correct sweep of stifle and short, straight hocks. He moved extremely well and maintained his topline and refinement, flowing around the ring with great drive and a lashing tail.

3rd – Gratton and Bott’s – Bardonhill Don’t Stop Me Now

Mid-Limit (10, 3a)

1st – Willis’ Gwendariff The Grand Master at Jackwilins – On the first look round this boy caught my eye, he really is a ‘head turner’ with his elegant outline and rich, dark chestnut coat. I was so pleased he did not disappoint on closer inspection, he has a great depth of quality throughout, correct angulation fore and aft, well sprung ribs and a correct length of loin. His topline flows, gently sloping into his strong hind quarters. He really excels in movement, driving around the ring with real purpose. His head is balanced with a lovely dark eye. Presented in absolutely perfect condition.

2nd – Danks-Kemish’s Teleri Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana JW – A smaller dog than 1 and not carrying as much condition but his classic outline really appealed to me. He has such a wonderfully balanced, lean head with a correct foreface and muzzle, chiselled expression and raised brow with low set ears. He is moderate throughout, excels in topline, is clean through his shoulders and is very correct through his croup. He moved around the ring maintaining his flowing lines. I would be really interested to see him again in a few months when he is back on top form.

3rd – Pym, Bott and Milligan-Bott’s Thendara Marshmallow

Limit (10, 2a)

1st – Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli JW – A dog I have done well in the past and he had a real battle on his hands today, he had to be in top form to win this hotly contested class and then in the final line up had to keep this up to be in contention for top honours against some stunning dogs. He is so sound and correct when you see him in profile. Wonderfully balanced, I liked his body proportions and length of loin which allow him to flow in his topline. He is a very mature male but is also elegant and refined. He has a classic head, gentle and kind expression with the correct eye shape. He has a slightly arched, moderate neck, well laid back shoulders and a lovely depth to his chest. He has a great sweep of stifle and strong hocks which he uses so well on the move. I like that he is a bit naughty and makes his handler work hard, he has character and the perfect temperament for an Irish boy! Pleased to award him the RCC today.

2nd – Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Classique – A really handsome dog, I was very impressed by him. He has a wonderful clean outline and is very eye catching. He is racy and proportionate with great balance. He has a very classic head, masculine, with a lovely expressive raised brow and the desired chiselling around the eyes, he watches your every move with a twinkle in his eye. He stands over the ground well, his topline has a gentle slope, he really flows and is very good over the croup. His rich dark chestnut, straight coat sets him off perfectly. I loved his temperament wagging his tail every time I looked at him. He moves with such soundness, he could run all day. Handled to perfection.

3rd – Roffy’s Gwendariff Lucy’s Legacy

Open (9, 3a)

1st – Edward’s Sh Ch Gwendariff UCan’tMissme Bonhomie – a hotly contested class full of worthy top award winners. I had to judge the dogs on the day, and today his dog really was on top form in all aspects and this gave him the edge. Wonderfully moderate and balanced dog who has both soundness and quality throughout. Handsome in head, dark eye and perfect length of foreface. Correct, moderate length to his neck, with laid back shoulders and plenty of fore chest. A good depth to his chest and spring to his ribs, extremely well muscled hind quarters with correct bend to his stifle. He excels on the move, driving from the rear, maintaining his shape with his tailset carried correctly, just below the level to his topline with a lovely happy wagging tail. His presentation was spot on, his dark coat shining, not a hair out of place.

2nd – Stockton’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist admist Kepas JW – I was, as they say, splitting hairs between the places in this class and today this boy had to give way to a dog in top condition. My notes describe this dog as ‘sound in every department, stylish and refined with a personality to die for’. He is a great example of the term ‘racy’ in the breed standard, he is all male but has a great elegance about him. Another with an outstanding outline, he just flows with no stuffiness. Absolutely lovable expression, full of kindness which is matched by adorable personality which just shines through. He just loves life, which you can see when he is on the move, so free and easy to watch, tail wagging, head held high.

3rd – Danks-Kemish’s Sh Ch Alolfrana Hotter Than U’Know JW

Judge: Miss Jo-Anne Parsons


I would like to thank the committee of Midlands Irish Setter Society for inviting me to judge bitches at their fabulously well run show. It is always an honour to be asked to award CCs in one`s breed, but to do so at a breed club show seems just that little more of a wonderful experience. To have had such an amazing quality entry to judge, adds to the excitement. The club’s hospitality towards myself and my co-judge was superb and I would like to thank both my ring-stewards for keeping everything in check and helping to make the day run just that much smoother. I would also like to thank all the exhibitors who gave me the opportunity to judge their lovely dogs. Even with us all having had such a long break from the show-ring due to COVID every exhibit was very well schooled and behaved exceptionally well whilst being gone over. I was very pleased to find that all dogs were presented in firm muscular condition which proves that as a breed they are most certainly fit for function. Coat condition and presentation on all exhibits throughout the day was a total delight and for me was the icing on the cake.

MPB (5,1a) Such a lovely class of minor puppies to start my day, who were all at varying stages in their development.

1. Hall’s Harreds Lillie, a gorgeous puppy who had just turned 6months. Sweetest of heads, with kind dark eyes and quizzical expression, ample amount of occiput, moderate length of neck leading to well placed shoulders, clean slope to top-line leading to correct tail-set. Nice chunkiness that a puppy of her age should possess. When viewed from the front her legs are straight with good width to fore-chest, well boned, standing on neat feet, adequate amount of rear angulation at this present time. On the move, she had such a wiggly bum which made her movement a little erratic but this has to be forgiven at this stage as she was such a happy little lady and with time her movement will settle down. Her rich dark coat put the finishing touches to this little stunner, BPB. In agreement with my co-judge she was Res BPIS against her litter brother.

2. Naylor’s Nigsett Skyfall, another gorgeous puppy of almost 9months old who also had a wiggly bum. Much to like about this little lady, beautiful chiselled head of complete femininity, raised brow, kind well shaped dark eyes, correct front and width to fore-chest, forelegs straight and neat feet, well bodied for her age, firm top-line leading to correct tail-set which she held on the move. She too possesses such a rich dark coat which completes the picture, at this stage she is a little more erratic than my winner but the decision for 1st place was very close between these two little beauties,

3. Bott’s Bardonhill Carry On Cleo

PB (10, 1a)

1. Naylor’s Nigsett Skyfall, 2nd in MPB however in this class she was much more settled on the move over some older puppies,

2. Clarke’s Covarney Dream Time From Bronrians NAF, promising 11month old youngster who is well up to size for her age. Lots to like about her, sweet head and low set on of ears, ample chiselling to foreface with kind eyes and gentle expression, well bodied throughout with very clean lines, correct front with good width to fore-chest and excellent sternum, gentle slope to top-line leading to good tail-set, moved true and steady. Straight dark coat presented in excellent condition. It should be noted too, that this puppy was handled to perfection standing and moving as one with her young handler. I have no doubt these two will have lots of fun together for many years to come,

3. Stevenson’s Lochlorien Unforgotten.

VB (4,2a)

1. Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW Sh CM, beautiful lady of almost 8 years and her super presentation and muscular condition belies her age. Ultra feminine in head with plenty of work to foreface, kind well shaped dark eyes, moderate length to neck leading to well laid back shoulders and gentle slope to top-line, straight front, well boned throughout and standing on neat feet, well bodied with excellent depth to chest and spring of rib, front and rear angulations well balanced. This lovely lady is so steady on the move and is such a happy girl carrying her tail correctly and wagging it all the way round the ring. This beautiful lady finished the day BVIS in agreement with my co-judge.

2. Prangle’s Heathclare Que Sera Sera Sh CM, 8 ½ year lady also presented in lovely coat and condition, pleasing head although a bit broad in the skull, nice shape to dark eyes, good shoulder placement leading to gentle sloping top-line, straight front, excellent fore-chest and sternum with plenty of depth to body, nicely sprung ribs and length of loin, plenty of width to well muscled rear quarters which she used to her advantage on the move. One very happy lady lashing her tail as she went round the ring.

JB (12,4a)

1. Heather’s Sixoaks My Fair Lady JW, totally fell for this 14½ month old lady who stood out in this class, and I feel she is most certainly one to watch for the future. Ultra feminine in head, kind well shaped dark eyes, long and neat low set ears, straight in front, good pasterns and standing on tight feet, balanced throughout with super front and rear angulations, clean well shaped moderate length of neck, well bodied and plenty of depth to chest for her age, gentle flowing top-line and tail-set which was carried very well on the move. Most certainly the best mover in this class as she strode around with ring at one with her handler driving off well muscled hindquarters, presented in tiptop coat and condition.

2. Box’s Fernstart Hearts Delight JW, 17month medium sized lady who is extremely pretty and this makes you take notice of her, sweetest of heads with correct eye shape and colouring, moderate well arched neck leading to good shoulder placement, straight front with good width to fore-chest, well bodied for her age, firm gentle sloping top-line, super rear angulations and bend of stifle and short strong hocks, super neat feet. This young girl was trying to give her handler a bit of a hard time but her qualities shone through despite this, moved true and steady to earn her placement today, presented in good coat although I think once she gets a little more feathering this will complete the picture on this lovely young lady,

3. Corless’ Swiftlark Illustrious

YB (11,1a)

1. Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Strictly Samba, upstanding lady of almost 2years of age, she commands attention in the ring and this she most certainly got as she gave her handler a bit of a hard time on the stand. This lady is so well constructed with plenty of substance yet she retains such femininity, she possesses a long lean beautiful and classic head with a good amount of chiselling to foreface with raised brow and kind dark eyes. She excels in front assembly with good bone and standing on good feet, clean moderate length of neck which is well arched, super depth of body, gentle slope to top-line leading to correct tail-set which was well carried on the move, well bent stifles and strong muscular thighs of good width, this lady powered around the ring with good length of stride and footfall. Dark coat of excellent condition completed the picture on this super girl,

2. Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Crimes of Passion, 21month old lady built on a smaller frame than my winner but none the less she too commands attention in the ring. She possesses such a beautiful head with well shaped dark eyes, long and low set on of ears, clean through neck, excellent front assembly and plenty of pro-sternum. Well tucked in at elbows, nicely bodied for her age, shoulders well laid back leading to gently sloping top-line and correct tail-set, front and rear angulations in balance, nice amount of width to thigh, this young lady is such a happy mover and has such power behind that her bum tries to overtake her front which I must admit was a delight to watch. Although not fully feathered yet she has a dark well conditioned coat,

3. Childs’ Redclyst Floras Secret

MB (3,1a)

1. Stevenson’s Lochlorien Unforgotten, 3rd in PB, at 10months old this lovely young lady is maturing nicely for her age, beautiful chiselled head with well shaped dark eyes and raised brow which showed in her inquisitive expression as she watched me write my critique, good length to clean strong muscular neck and leading to good shoulder placement, well bodied with plenty of depth to chest at this age, well tucked in at the elbows, firm gentle slope to top-line, correct amount of rear angulations at this stage, she was a lot more together on the move by this class which earned her the first placing,

2. Hadfield’s Covarney Time After Time For Marzanne, 11month old bitch built on a slightly bigger frame however she still retains elegance throughout, her head is quite pleasing with a kind dark eyes, she excels in pro-sternum and is very well bodied for her age. She is slightly longer cast therefore can drop her top-line slightly but hopefully as she matures this will improve. Although this girl is very happy her movement was a little unsettled but again this should improve with maturity, presented in excellent coat and condition.

3, Shepherd’s Casachared Dancing Queen.

NB (8,1a)

1. Clarke’s Covarney Dream Time From Bronrians NAF, 2nd in PB class

2. Childs Redclyst Floras Secret, 19month old lady who was 3rd in YB, pleasing in head with a nice amount of work to foreface, dark eyes which are well shaped, straight in fore-legs with good width to fore-chest, satisfying amount of sternum, acceptable amount of body for her age. Excels in top-line and tail-set, well balanced in front and rear angulations. Such a lovely mover with nice length of stride. Nicely coated and presented in lovely condition, 3. Hadfield’s Covarney Time After Time For Marzanne.

UGB, (6,1a)

1. Bridgwater & Green’s Bridgella’s Don’t Push it, ultra elegant lady of almost 3 years old, balanced feminine head with correct eye shape and colouring, pleasing amount of occiput, good length to clean muscular neck leading to well laid back shoulders, super body proportions, front straight and nice amount of width to fore-chest, nicely angulated rear quarters which were well muscled, gentle sloping top-line leading to good tail-set, moved very well fore and aft and with plenty of drive. A very happy lady on the move, presented in tip top condition and coat.

2. Corless’ Swiftlark Illustrious, young lady of 13months old who was 3rd in JB, she possesses a pleasing head with kind dark eyes which are well shaped, well off for bone and standing on straight front and well off for pro-sternum, nicely bodied for her age, good top-line and tail-set which was carried correctly on the move, very well balanced in front and rear angulations, movement was true and steady, nice amount of coat and just developing her feathering which will help complete the picture on this sweet young lady,

3. Hadfield’s Covarney Time After Time For Marzanne.

GB, (13,3a)

1. Humphreys’ Riverbrue Flashbax At Henaleas, quality lady just over 2 years of age, her head is delightful having a nice amount of stop giving good finish to foreface, kind dark eyes and sweet gentle expression, nicely raised brows and plenty of occiput, moderate well arched neck, shoulders well placed, deep in fore-chest and nice amount of sternum, good body proportions, gentle slope to top-line although occasionally when standing she liked to give her handler a bit of a hard time so would lean back on herself however on the move her top-line was solid, correct angulations fore and aft giving a balanced outline, positive and sound on the move, presented in lovely coat and condition.

2. Prangle’s Heathclare Just Fizz, another quality lady who is also just over 2 years of age, elegant throughout possessing a well balanced feminine head with kind eyes of correct colouring, moderate length of neck which is clean and nicely arched, body construction is excellent with front and rear angulations well balanced, good top-line leading to correct tail-set which was held well on the move, well muscled hindquarters which showed in her positive driving action when moved with ease around the ring. Presented in excellent condition and full coat,

3. Bell & Barker-Bell’s Balintyne Let It Be Me JW

PGB (10)

1. Swainston’s Glenvarna Santa Barbara, upstanding lady of almost 4 years of age, she stands on a well built frame yet retains such femininity, her head is very pretty with sweet well shaped dark eyes, front assembly is excellent standing on strong well boned legs and good feet, elegant through neck with well placed shoulders and gentle slope to top-line with tail well set on, good depth of body with well sprung ribs, nicely angulated in both front and rear, super width to rear quarters which are so well muscled, sound positive movement as she strode around the ring. Presented in lovely bloom and excellent condition.

2. Davie’s Lochfrae Nina Simone, a lovely 4 year old lady who also caught my eye in this class. Excellent chiselling to head with kind well shaped dark eyes, nice amount of pro-sternum, lovely front assembly, straight legs with ample bone and neat feet, well arched moderate length of neck leading to gently sloping top-line line and good tail-set, nice body proportions throughout, enough angulations in rear, hocks short and straight, free steady movement, rich dark well presented coat.

3. Turner’s Gwendariff A Gee An Tee For Me With Dazycutter

MLB ( 7,2a)

1. Edwards’Gwendariff Its Numero Uno At Bonhomie, I’ve said it before that once in a while I get surprised when judging and this girl certainly did that for me. On initial assessment she looks slightly bigger built but it is only when you actually get your hands on her that you feel that is not the case. She possesses such elegance throughout, at 4 years of age she is nicely matured, she has a lovely head, kind dark eyes with a sweet melting expression, excellent fore-chest and pro-sternum, nice width to front, legs well boned and standing on neat feet, clean neck which is moderate and well arched leading to well placed shoulders, flowing strong top-line and well placed tail-set, super body proportions, correct rear angulations, short strong well let down hocks, powerful free flowing movement which was steady and straight with lashing tail, totally at one with her handler. Presented in full bloom, excellent condition completed the picture on this beautiful lady. I was delighted to award her the CC and in agreement with my co-judge ResBIS,

2. Richardson’s Brabrook True Violet For Montgreenan JW, another lovely lady of 4 years old and very unfortunate to meet the winner, this bitch is very elegant throughout, nice head with good expression and dark eyes, ears low set and of good length, clean neck of moderate length, front straight and well tucked in at elbows, ample fore-chest, well bodied and nicely sprung ribs, firm strong top-line which was held on the move, nicely placed tail-set which she carried well, excellent rear angulations and width to thighs which were well muscled, moved steady. True, dark straight coat of excellent condition and ample amount of feathering.

3. Rutherford’s Majestyka Indian Summer At Clonageera JW

LB (10, 2a)

1. Bougen’s Gwendariff Lily The Pink, 5½ year old bitch who I have watched in the ring before and admired. Feminine in head with nice amount of chiselling below well shaped dark eyes, neck clean and of moderate length which is well arched and muscled, excellent front assembly and plenty of fore-chest, standing on well boned legs, good depth of body nice spring of rib, muscular well built hindquarters which are nicely angulated, moved true and steady with plenty of drive off the rear, top-line held well on the move, possessing a dark straight coat of excellent condition and ample amount of feathering to finish off the picture of this lovely lady,

2. Naylor’s Anlory Corbieres JW, lovely girl built on a slightly smaller frame of clean lines, also 5½ years old. She possesses a most beautiful head with kind dark expressive eyes, excellent body throughout, moderate length of neck, plenty of fore-chest and width to front assembly and standing on straight legs leading to nice neat feet, excellent front and rear angulations which are completely in balance, top-line gently sloping and firm leading to well placed tail-set which was carried correctly on the move, good length of stride powering off well muscled rear quarter., Presented in lovely coat, condition with ample feathering,

3, Elkins’ Twoacres Promise of Spring With Avacet

OB (8,3a)

1. Caitling’s Sh Ch Teleri Indian Summer (AI) JW, beautiful lady of 4½ years of age who just oozes quality, ultra feminine head with well shaped dark expressive kind eyes, ears of good length which are well set on, super front assembly with excellent depth to fore-chest and plenty of pro-sternum, front legs straight and well tucked in, plenty of body which is deep and well off for spring of rib, moderate length of neck which is clean and well muscled, well laid back shoulders and firm gentle slope to top-line, front and rear angulations well balanced, presented in full coat of excellent condition. Her movement is powerful, true and steady and she holds her tail correctly as she flows around the ring, Delighted to award this lovely lady the ResCC,

2, Stevenson’s Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley, a beautiful lady of almost 7 years of age and you would mostly certainly not believe it. She possesses such a lovely head with beautiful finish to foreface and good stop. Eyes are dark, kind, of correct shape, well raised brows, nice amount of occiput leading to clean moderate and well muscled length of neck, excellent fore-chest and plenty of sternum, standing on straight strong legs which are well boned, nicely constructed throughout with excellent depth of chest and spring of rib, good width to thigh and well muscled hindquarters which allowed her to move with steady driving action as she went round the ring. She has such a happy disposition as she does this, presented in full dark coat of excellent condition,

3, Bott, Allen & Morgans Sh Ch Quensha Tumble and Twirl JW.


Catherine M Loughlin

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