AHT Statement PRA Testing


The Animal Health Trust has recently identified two cases in RCD4 testing for Irish Setters where DNA samples were apparently allocated incorrect numbers when they were booked into our system. Unfortunately, this was not picked up by our routine checking procedures and, as a result, incorrect results may have been sent out to owners. We are now testing fresh samples for the dogs involved and will report back to the owners after those sample have been processed.

I would like to apologise to owners and breeders who, I know, depend on us to give them the information that they need to plan their breeding.

The mistakes arose due to human error in allocating sample numbers when the samples arrived at the Animal Health Trust. We have now been through our database and have confirmed that there are no other errors in the sample numbering for RCD4 testing in Irish Setters or in Gordon Setters.

I would stress that the laboratory test itself has never been in question, the test is robust and the data clear, the error came from matching up the laboratory results with the name of the dog.

We are committed to providing the very best service to breeders and owners, and we will be reviewing our procedures in the coming weeks to ensure that this does not happen again.

Dr Nigel Holmes
Genetic Services Manager

Date 4-1-2012

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