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Joint Irish Setter Breed Clubs Championship Show 16th July 2022


 DOGS:Mr G Stevenson (Andley)

BITCHES: Mr J Bott (Thendara)

REFEREE: Mr D Hopewell (Davset)

Best In Show
BCC & BIS ShCh Gwendariff Come Fly With Me
Reserve Best In Show
DCC & RBIS Orlanset A New Flame
BCC & BIS ShCh Gwendariff Come Fly With Me - DCC & RBIS Orlanset A New Flame
PD & BPIS Gwendariff ArU Ready F`This Amberlight - DV & BVIS Gwendariff PS I Love You At Bonhomie JW
DCC & RBIS:- Orlanset A New Flame - Res DCC:- Ch Vicary`s Part Time Lover
Res BCC:- Gwendariff Lilly The Pink
Judges Critique`s


Judge: Mr G Stevenson (Andley)

Dog CC : Hemmings Mr & Mrs Orlanset a New Flame
Res Dog CC : Hill Decoster Mrs, Ch Vicary’s Part Time Lover
Best Puppy (Dog) : Lucas Mr & Mrs, Gwendariff ARU Ready F’This Amberlight
Veteran Dog : Edwards Mrs, Gwendariff PS I Love You At Bonhomie JW

I was very proud and honoured to be invited to judge this show and I would like to thank the committee for inviting me and both my stewards whose support was greatly appreciated, even volunteering to miss their lunch.

It was a very warm day but this did not appear to impact on the superb movement I saw throughout today’s exhibits.

There were some very close decisions due to the excellent quality of the dogs I had before me today and I thank you all for giving me the privilege of judging your dogs.



Minor Puppy Dog

1st Bott’s Bardonhill A Million Ways: A quality Minor Puppy with nothing but success before it. A delight to observe him on the move, presented in top condition, he can only get better.

2nd Holehan-Green’s, Loganrish Athos De Trois: A sound minor puppy, lovely expression, nice dark eye lots to admire.

Puppy Dog

1st Lucas’s Gwendariff ARU Readt F’This Amberlight He is so sound in all quarters, lovely head and expression, nice dark eye, ear set right, he has a proper sloping topline to a sound and well angulated rear. He moved with his head held high and drove through the ring. I was pleased to award him Best Puppy Dog, and not surprised when his quality was recognised when my co-judge agreed to award him Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Bott’s Bardonhill A Million Ways

3rd Macaulay’s Harreds Lachlan at Stylersetts

Veteran Dog

1st Edwards’s Gwendariff PS I Love You: In excellent condition for his age and in good coat. His movement was a reflection of his quality in all departments. I look forward to seeing him in the ring for years to come.

2nd Lucas’s Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight: Every reason to be proud of this older exhibit. He clearly enjoys his time in the ring; moved with drive showing off quality in all departments and enjoyed his time in the spotlight.

Junior Dog

1st Needs’s Covarney it takes Time With Stourford: A really stylish young dog In tip top condition, straight front well placed ear set. Gentle sloping topline leading to well angulated rear. He demonstrated he has panache.

2nd Hill-Decoster’s Vicary’s Until the End of Time: Unfortunate to meet 1 today however, there is much to admire in this dog. On the move he was sound, he has a lovely expression and his conformation his excellent.

3rd Foster’s Chantries Bel Re

Yearling Dog

1st Richardson’s Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows: Well named this is a handsome young Irish Setter. Soft expression giving a lovely, well chiselled head, nice length of neck, lovely flowing topline, proper tailset, good tight feet, moved with style and drive, much to admire in this well presented and handled Irish.

2nd Murrays Bluebyeyou Love Affair at Derrydore: Very close call this two, both

very good examples of the breed. Lost on movement to 1. Another promising Setter whose front construction is sound, nice reach of neck and lovely expression, dark eye and well set ears, well laid shoulders and flowing topline. Will go far, I am sure.

3rd Needs’s Covarney it takes Time With Stourford

Novice Dog

1st Butler’s Anlory Sovereign at Rubymoon: A very flashy young dog, presented in superb condition and handled to best advantage. Was also 1st in a higher class, he is mature with little to criticise. His construction and profile are to be admired, sound front, correct reach of neck, nice expression, well seat ears, lovely dark eye, well laid shoulders and flowing gently sloping topline. In good coat and sound at rear, a worthy winner in this class.

2nd Hill-Decoster’s Vicary’s Until the End of Time

3rd Bromwich’s Pengelirish Lord Nicodemus

Undergraduate Dog

1st Butler’s Anlory Sovereign at Rubymoon (repeat)

2nd Pullen & Atkin Covarney Pickpocket at Jacingail: Unlucky to meet the winner on top form but he still showed with style and was worthy of his close 2nd place.

Graduate Dog

1st Hemmings Orlanset Mandolin: Stamped his authority in this class Striking

outline as a result of being sound in all quarters, another presented in tip top condition, in good coat and moved with drive and flair.

2nd Nicholls Strathmead Akexei :This handsome young Irish came close to 1, he has much to admire and moved well. His head is his fortune with much support from the rest of his construction. Sound front, tight feet well up on his pasterns, not the case in some others today. Moved with drive and style.

3rd Dufrat’s Riverbrue Cast No Shadow on Haverley

Post Graduate Dog

1st Suteresett Rum Tum Tugge:r This young Irish came close to top honours

today, I have no doubt he will reward his owners dedication with many red cards. Presented in beautiful condition stood proud over his ground and presented a picture of a very handsome well-made young setter. His front is straight and well boned, he is proportionate in all departments but his head and expression demands that you give this lad every attention. He has a dark eye, well chiselled head, good reach of neck and well laid shoulders, lovely gentle flowing topline taking you to a well angulated rear, The movement was full of drive and pride with a beautiful coat setting the picture on the move.

2nd Stewart’s Gwendariff Absolutely Marwe’llus: This Setter scored highly on head and movement and was unfortunate to meet 1 st on top form. A quality Irish who I am sure will attract high honours. Nice front sound in rear presented in tip top order.

3rd Fosters Goldnavarm Endurance at Shanoah

Mid Limit Dog

1st Deihton’s Oakdene Schiehallion: Presented in top condition and handled to express all that is good in this Setter, he is a lovely example of the breed and worthy of all the investment in time and effort. With a lovely profile racy and proportionate on approach you are met with a straight front a wistful soft expression, handsome well-made head, with low set ears and well laid shoulders he has already scored highly, a gentle sloping topline to a well angulated and muscular rear, the tail set just right. On the move he is a dream driving round the ring with panache

2nd Bott, Allen & Morgan Quensha Just Like Fire: Unfortunately this young Irish was spooked and this no doubt impacted on consideration for first place. In every way he is top quality.

3rd Harris’s Blazing Bronze Happy Clappy sings Konakakela

Limit Dog

1st Hemmings Orlanset a New Flame: In this Irish I found my CC winner. I have seen this dog knock on the door for some time, he is all that is good about our breed and take any part of the dog and you will find a good example. A good straight front, in good bone, a good reach of neck a soft welcoming expression, lovely dark eye. His movement is everything we seek. I find it difficult to understand why he is not already a champion.

2nd Suteresett King of Hearts: Most unfortunate to meet No 1 on this day. There is much to admire about this most handsome and well made Irish. From his beautiful head, through his good reach of neck and correct conformation to his sound and flowing movement.

3rd Willis’s Gwendariff The Grand Master at Jacwilins

Open Dog

1st Hill-Decoster’s Ch Vicarys Part Time Lover A worthy winner of a strong class and Reserve CC. A photograph of my CC and Reserve CC will give a clue as my decision this Irish does not fail in any aspect of this Irish will stand the test and will give pleasure to anyone who has the opportunity to run their hands over him. A lovely soft expression moves with drive.

2nd Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Wont He CW22

3rd Edwards’ Gwendariff Ucan’t Missme Bonhomie

George Stevenson



Judge: Mr J Bott (Thendara)


Thanks to the committee for your kind invitation and my grateful appreciation to my two hard working stewards ! Despite the heat , most exhibits coped well but we were lucky we had a degree of shade in the bitch ring , for most of the morning. Thanks for the lovely entry , I enjoyed my day immensely.

Overall , I found size and quality , very mixed . Some lacking femininity and too “ doggy “ in appearance . Of all the setter breeds , the “ Irish” is the most elegant , refined and racy , with similar aesthetic qualities as that of a thoroughbred racehorse . I feel we are losing this quality and seeing far too many winning exhibits that are too short on the leg and too long in loin , which is giving a totally false outline which is incorrect but is becoming the “norm” in many judge’s eyes!!!

Minor Puppy (5)

1st Roberts Polmennor Castaspell elegant and refined in outline , with a pretty feminine head and expression . Just 8 months old , she has a firm top line , slightly sloping , good angulation front and rear . Not overdone in any way . Stylish and controlled on the move . I liked her size .

2nd Mugfords Lynwood Rather Scrumptious. Same age as the winner but stronger made . Super in outline and good moving around the ring . Well developed ribs and body . Good in front and hindquarters but does seem to be developing quite strongly in head. Well handled.

3rd Hillocks Jonola Bellini

Puppy (10)

1st Halls Harreds Lillie 11 months old well balanced puppy with no exaggerations . Dark coat , well developed body , good hard top line and a nice size . Typical pretty head and expression with dark eyes . Moved well up and down but would prefer a better head carriage in profile . Excellent tail set .

Best Puppy bitch

2nd Holleys Gwendariff Thistle Be Jill’s. 11 months old very stylish girl . Longer in the body than 1st but very elegant in outline with good bone . Well developed for her age with deep chest and good quality of coat . Preferred head and expression of my winner .

3rd Roberts Polmennor Castaspell

Veteran (4)1

1st Gilbert’s Joanmas Perfect Lullaby 9years old and still moved around the ring with an effortless ease . Very well balanced in outline with a really good stride and tail action when viewed in profile . Super topline , firm and strong . Lovely head and expression and sympathetically handled . She presents a totally unexaggerated picture both standing and moving , if only she had grown more

coat…….what might have been!!!

2nd Watertons Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW Sh.CM. 8 years old , this elegant girl still has a lovely outline and is stylish on the move . She has a lovely head ,shape wise , correct muzzle , both length ,width and depth and correct expression . Good tail action on the move . Good comformation with short hocks

Two lovely veterans!

3rd Carters Bardonhill Uptown Girl

Junior (7)

1st Clarke,s Covarney Dream Time From Bronrians 17 months old , won this class and Yearling. Very well balanced girl who catches your eye when entering the ring . She has a correct coat , super body , good bone , good stifles leading to short hocks . Good in head with a kind expression and dark eye . She has a really good co-ordinated side gait , in profile and maintains her topline , both standing and moving. Good tail set and well handled .

2nd Hall,s Glennara Cherry Cola 15 month old , this girl just flows , in outline , from nose to tail . She presents a very elegant and balanced picture . Lovely dark coat of correct texture and quality . Excellent head and expression , lovely neck and shoulders and lovely correct quarters , stifles and hocks . When settled she can be a really stylish mover . She just needs to maintain her confidence ,then as she matures , could be a real force to reckoned with !

Splitting hair between these two.

3rd Hadfields Covarney Time after Time for Marzanne.

Yearling (11) 2

1st Repeat.

2nd Heather,s Sixoaks My Fair Lady 16 months old . Nice sized bitch with a lovely head and expression .Correct finish to muzzle , especially in profile . Firm topline , good neck and shoulders and nice coat developing . Not so precise on the move as the winner , particularly her hocks when going away.

3rd Jones Gwendariff Daziling Diva J.W.

Maiden (5) 1

1st Roberts Polmennor Castaspell

2nd Hillocks Jonola Bellini Just 6 months old and at his first show ! Really pretty head and expression . Liked his body shape and topline . Not quite yet mastered the art of standing or moving!! but this being his second time in the ring she started to settle and I saw glimpses of how he is going to move . She has lovely angles , great small feet and correct finish to his muzzle . Very promising.

3rd Shepherds Casachared Dancing Queen

Novice(9) 3

1st Roberts Polmennor Castaspell

2nd Mugfords Lynwood Rather Scrumptious

3rd Hillocks Jonola Bellini

Undergraduate (7)

1st Hadfields. Covarney Time after Time for Marzanne 15 months old Well bodied bitch with good quarters and shoulders . Lovely stride and side gait , when moving in profile but not so balanced in outline . Pretty head and expression but would prefer a cleaner finish to lip around the muzzle.

2ndPallisters Penwyn Keeping Faith 22 months old . Larger more mature bitch with a lovely head and expression and cleaner muzzle . Lovely dark coat , low set ears and when she cooperates , a good outline . Needs to move with more control and get her head up , she has the ability and the mechanics to do this .

3rd Child’s Redclyst Floras Secret.

Graduate (8) 2

1st Bott, Allen and Morgan’s Quensha Crimes of Passion Lovely well presented bitch , just over two years old . Very elegant and full of quality . Loved her head and soft expression with a good square muzzle . Very well schooled on the move with good extension and drive and an excellent tail action . Croup is correct as is the set on of tail. However her over long neck does spoil her outline and gives a broken line where it joins the withers .

2nd Douthwaite and Wharfes Quensha Beautiful Stranger of Gracewood

Litter sister to winner . Taller on the leg but does not have the instant appeal of the winner . Excellent over the neck and shoulders with a lovely head and soft expression . Stylish on the move , she presents a lovely outline both standing and moving around the ring. I like the way she is improving as she matures , as they should . Well balanced with a correct coat and nice short hocks.

3rd Kassube,s Twoacres Fantasy.

Post Graduate (8) 4

1st Kennedy-Sloane,s Twoacres Destiny

Lots to like about this girl , so well balanced , mature in body and very free on the move . Lovely head and expression and good finish to muzzle . Good neck and shoulders , nice small feet and correct coat . She moves with a good stride and keeps her balanced outline going around the ring maintaining her hard topline . Would prefer a better finish to croup.

2nd Mitchell’s Strathmead Tatiana With Amblin

Pretty bitch with lovely head and correct expression , dark eyes . Good finish to muzzle and clean over neck and shoulders . Nice size and stands on good legs and feet. Presented well in good quality coat . Just needs to do more on the move , lacks the drive and animation I was looking for.

Heathers Sixoaks Leading Lady.

Mid-Limit (7)

1st Holleys Gwendariff Look This Way To Wynjill

Quality bitch of nice type with a dark coat . Good bone and nice feet . Good quality coat of correct texture . Presents a balanced outline with enough angulation , and nice short hocks . On the move she excels with her style , reach and drive and animated carriage . To be critical , would just like a little more refinement .

2nd Richardsons Brabrook True Violet for Montgreenan JW

Different type to-winner and a very close decision between these two . Stunning on the move with her so correct movement up and down and in profile . Her footfall is so precise ! Lovely size with pretty head and hard topline . Well handled and in such hard condition . Correct coat and short in loin but I would like a better finish to croup . Splitting hairs!

3rd Catlings Quensha Family Portrait For Teleri

Limit (11)

1st Bougens Gwendariff Lily The Pink

Quite a tall girl but so beautifully balanced. Has a lovely neck and shoulders and correct angulation on her hindquarters , not overdone! Correct coat , just needs more of it ! On the move she excels, covering the ground with a free and easy stride , that is effortlessly efficient.

. Good reach and drive and she keeps her balanced outline when moving in profile. Very feminine head , super expression and nice shaped eye to complete the picture. I had little hesitation in the final challenge , awarding her the R.C.C.

2nd Frampton and Piggins Riverbrue Cloudburst over Strathmead

Similar in outline to the winner with a lovely head and expression , low set ears and a good dark coat . Strong neck , good bone and and firm topline . She presents a lovely outline when standing but does not match this when moving around the ring , lacking extension and precise hind movement .

3rd Hadfields Covarney Estee Avenue Marzanne JW

Open (5)

1st. Stewart’s Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Come Fly With Me

To my mind , one of the best bitches this breeder has produced . When I first saw her I was impressed and today I saw no reason doubt my judgement . She is so well put together . Lovely correct angles both front and rear , without exaggeration. Lovely head in profile with correct depth of muzzle . Nice eye and good , slightly arched neck showing strength. Hard topline and in full coat that in good quality and well presented , as you would expect .When moving , she is so sound in both her firm foot fall and overall balance , unusual for our breed , where movement is so often disregarded in the final placing!! She is the full quality package and to my mind , the one to beat . CC and BIS.

2nd. Mugfords Lynwood Abracadabra JW

Really unlucky today , to meet the winner . With her gleaming dark coat she looked a picture of health and vitality. Beautiful outline , hard topline and good tail set . She has the most lovely head and expression with a dark eye . Good finish to muzzle with good length and correct depth. Correct neck flowing into good shoulders , well balanced both fore and aft , which made for excellent movement around the ring with reach and drive .

3rd Loughlins Ir.Ch. Rohanmor Along Came Polly JD Jun CH CW22

Judge Jeremy Bott

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