Open Show 30 June 2013

Judge – Mrs Gaynor Myers (Astrazone)

BEST DOG & BIS – Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine JW ShCM 
BEST BITCH  & RBIS – Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders JW
RESERVE BEST DOG –  Thendara Joe Le Taxi for Stourford JW
RESERVE BEST BITCH – Jubliana Sorraia
BEST PUPPY  & BPIS – Brinara Vanity Fair and BESTVETERAN – Satlas Bleau Eyes 

Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine JW ShCM BEST DOG & BIS


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge such a fabulous show & the exhibitors for fetching their super dogs, enabling me to judge some cracking exhibits.

Vet. D. (3). 1) Cohen’s Caispern Vilette with Shushana JW ShCM; 7.5yr old dog, handsome, masculine head, lovely in profile, good depth throughout, preferred his overall length & stronger hindquarters to 2’s. In good coat & condition, moved efficiently, holding a good strong topline. 2) Bott’s Bardonhill Storm Moon; 8.5yr old chap, pleasant expression, good depth to muzzle , well developed forechest, moved with purpose, enjoying his day out. 3) Davis’s Moyna Summer Breeze At Corribeg.

Vet. B. (5, 3abs). 1) Fox’s Satlas Bleau Eyes; lovely girl in super condition for 8.5yrs. Pretty bitch with lovely soft expression, has correct eye shape & pleasing earset, loved her overall balance, correct arch to neck, good depth & angulation throughout, moved off soundly, covered the ground with ease & enthusiasm, in the challenge for best veteran she held her topline better than the dog, BV. 2) Stevenson’s Lochlorien Miss Marple Cops Andley; brought smile to my face, classic lady at 11yrs old, what sweet heart, well proportioned head with sweet kind eye, well placed shoulders, still holding a good tuck & had decent muscle tone, she moved so spritely for dog of her yrs., just preferred the length of 1.

MPD ( 2,1). 1) Byard’s Cataluna Some Like It Hot; 8.5mth young man, head is of good proportions & has all the makings of finishing well, super shoulder placement with good angulation, adequate length & depth to ribcage, sternum developing well, sound behind, moved steady & true for baby, very promising.

MPB (3). 1) Walker’s Gwendariff The Drama Queen; 8.5mth young lady of super proportions, she’s a little strong over the brow at the moment but I’m sure she’ll grow into it & in no way did it detract from her femininity, well placed shoulders, good length & depth, adequate angulation behind with well let down hock, she was the steadiest & soundest mover in the class, should have a bright future. 2) Wilkins’ Margretwoods C’est La Vie; Slightly bigger girl than 1, but lot of the same qualities, in fabulous condition, sweet expression, she has little more angulation behind which took little more controlling on the move therefore not as tidy going away as 1.

PD (8,3). 1) Mitchell’s Amblin Sweet William; Such a well balanced young man, his head has yet to break but has everything there to come, good size & substance for his age, liked his overall confirmation & type, sternum developing, good depth throughout, adequate spring to ribs, strong behind with well let down hock, gleaming mahogany coat in lovely condition, out moved the other young boys in this class & MPD winner to take BPD. 2) Wood’s Gilliegrae Ky Me Nay Mo; Bigger boy than 1, preferred this boys head, he’s lovely & clean over his neck & shoulders, good depth & length of rib, correct line over croup, muscle developing nicely, he wasn’t as settled or together on the move as 1, sure it will come in time. 3) Mudd’s Gilliegrae Incy Wincy.

PB ( 8,2). 1) Berry & Morris’s Brinara Vanity Fair; Pretty bitch with an endearing, quizzical expression, lovely over skull & well set ears, shoulders well back & good length to upper arm, so well balanced throughout, giving very pleasant picture indeed, well matched angulation fore & aft, tidy little feet, gently sloping topline, leading to well set tail, moved with strong gliding action, so together for puppy, BPB & couldn’t do any other than award her BP. 2) Hart’s Gilliegrae Daffy Down Dilly; Bigger bitch than 1 but still feminine, a little plainer in head than 1 but I’m sure it’s an age thing & she has plenty of time, elegant but strong arched neck, super front assembly, adequate spring to ribcage, developing nicely behind, her tidier movement gave her place over 3. 3) Wilkins’ Margretwoods C’est La Vie.

JD (6,1). 1) Venables’ Deevonville Conquistador; Loved this youngsters head, has good proportions, correct eyeset & typical raised brow, having soft but yet masculine expression, he has everything there that the breed standard asks for & with maturity the picture should be completed, handler does tend to overstretch him which can make him look little straight behind, his correct conformation however does shine through when he moves, he covers the ground tidily & efficiently, holding good topline & lashing his tail. 2) Abbot’s Suteresett Casey Junior; A heavier & appearing more mature than 1, he has good substance but definitely not coarse, plenty of heart room, super topline leading onto good tailset, lovely dark rich coat, has lot going for him & really appealed, just not as together on the move as 1. 3) Dale’s Aubanjon Royal Engineer.

JB (8,2). Tough class, the 1st 3 were super bitches, just as different stages. 1) Pike’s Suteresett Bella Notte With Scarletti; Pretty headed bitch in overall fabulous condition, she has adequate depth & good length to rib cage, very well balanced, preferred her over 2 for her better developed forechest & sternum, she moved well with true & steady footfall, keeping her topline. 2) Cox & Nevett’s Romarne Orlaith; Appealed in head & had cheeky glint in her eye, good length & strength of neck, tidy over shoulders, balanced angulation, in tip top condition, moved out well with lashing tail. 3) Dale’s Aubanjon Royal Symphony.

YD (5,3). 1) Gratton’s Bardonhill Moon River Flow into Glenlaine; Handsome young chap, head developing nicely with good skull & well defined brow, good length of upper arm & shoulders well back, decent amount of forechest & developed sternum, ribs well back, correctly angulated hind quarters, with well let down hocks, promising young dog who covered the ground well, just needs to tighten all through now to finish. 2) Bott’s Bardonhill Just One Look; slightly less mature & not the length of his brother at the moment therefore not giving such a balanced outline, never the less still has good attributes, good length of foreface & enough stop, his dark eye is full of mischief, clean well arched neck line, enough depth, strong bone, moved with enthusiasm.

YB (7,2). 1) Stevenson’s Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley; Sweet expression on this girl, bigger framed than some but so well balanced, has the best of fronts & strength behind, firm sloping topline, good tailset, was really sound & true on the move. 2) Wilkins’ Bardonhill Hetty Bayliss Among Margretwoods JW, Sound, eye-catching bitch, little shorter on the leg than 1 but otherwise lot of similar remarks, she moved well with good reach.Just preferred slightly darker colour of 1 & she held better topline on the move. 3) Harrison’s Lochlorien New Tricks.

ND (9,3). 1) Venables D. Conquistador. 2) Bott’s B. Just One Look. 3) Dale’s A. Royal Engineer.

NB (14,2,2w) 1). Berry & Morris’s B. Vanity Fair. 2) Pike’s S. Bella Notte With Scarletti. 3) Cox & Nevett’s Romarne Orlaith.

GD (4,2). 1) Luto’s Rappatty Excalibur JW; Masculine head with soft expression, strong neck into well placed shoulders, adequate length to ribcage, plenty of depth throughout, in good coat & condition, well muscled hindquarters, he covered the ground efficiently & with good reach & strong driving action. 2) Nicholls’s Delsanto Snowstorm; little finer in foreface than 1 but still masculine, smaller framed boy all through but is well balanced & has substance, stands on tidy feet & like 1 is in super condition, just preferred 1’s stronger & more positive hind movement.

GB (7,3). 1) Hart’s Rappatty Romance; Pretty headed bitch with bright dark eye, so clean over neck & shoulders, strong topline & good depth of forechest, sound hindquarters with well let down hocks, easiest the best mover in the class, unfortunately lacking in coat, which hindered any further progression in the line up. 2) Luto’s Rappatty Lady Marisque; Loved this bitches head, very similar remarks to 2, slightly preferred the width of thigh on 1 & the line over the croup, this said though she’s an eye-catching bitch with good sound movement. 3) Harrison’s L. N. T.

PGD (7,2). 1) Needs’ Thendara Joe Le Taxi For Stourford JW; Was the most balanced in this class, pleasant expression, correct eyeset, well developed over skull, strong muzzle all balanced really well, he appealed for his overall type & of course his pleasing conformation, decent amount of forechest, good length & depth to ribcage, shoulders well back, decent turn of stifle, effortlessly covered the ground lashing his tail, couldn’t quite match my BIS winner for maturity & finish but couldn’t deny him RBD. 2) Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW; Liked this guys head, masculine yet with refinement & had lovely dark eye developed sternum & plenty of heart room, little longer cast than 1 & his topline wasn’t as tidy on the move as 1, never the less quality dog with lot going for him. 3) Shepherd’s Casachared Flanagan O’Fin.

PGB (7,1,1w). 1) Harvey’s Jubliana Sorraia; Not as refined in skull as some but still feminine & all the attributes asked for, lovely defined brow over cheeky dark eye & good length of foreface, she’s strong over the neck & shoulder, such clean balanced outline throughout, correct depth & spring of ribs, strong hindquarters with good turn of stifle, stood on neat tight feet delight to watch on the move, with good reach & strong rear propulsion, her type & true movement earned her RBB. 2) Berry & Morris’s Duncraig Demelza By Brinara; An eye catching bitch built on smaller lines than 2 & looking a little less mature, pretty headed with little more refinement over the skull than 1, sweet expression, ears well set, good angulation fore & aft, moved well & with enthusiasm, just not as true footfall as 1. 3) Henson’s Millcroft Crystal Moon Makes Tatsbro.

LD (3,1). 1) Gardener’s Mayfred Mr Moondance JW; Dog have admired before, he’s not big dog but has everything there, handsome head with adequate chiseling & kind expression, best & shoulders, good ribbing & prominent sternum, in fit condition, you could tell his good conformation by the way he flows around the ring, pleasure to watch. Just lacking overall finish for top honours today looking a little immature against my top 2 but well deserved his place.   2) Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Pot Noodle; Lot longer cast than 1, masculine head lovely dark eye, good ear-set, plenty of fore-chest & heart room, good substance throughout, broad & strong over rump, plenty of hind angulation, stood on tidy feet, overall pleasing dog, he covered the ground well but not quite as true going away as 1.

LB (1,3, 1w). 1) Howatson’s Riverman Royal Rosa At Vanders JW; What stunning girl, loved her head type & sweet quizzical expression, she’s very feminine bitch but still has substance & strength, well balanced throughout with everything was looking for, super front assembly, adequate depth, strong over loin, even in this heat she still moved out well, with super reach, driving from well muscled hindquarters , holding a level topline, so true coming & going, lashing her tail as she went, icing on the cake she’s in super coat & fit condition, delighted to award her BB & RBIS. 2) Mutch’s Astleyview Summer Fox; S surprised myself with this one as she wasn’t bitch that really struck me on my 1st look round but on going over her I found her to have good overall conformation, attractive headed bitch with a soft feminine expression, her pleasing balanced conformation showed when she moved out with an easy long stride, with balancing power from behind, pleasing bitch, just preferred overall type of 1, did consider her for RBB but unfortunately didn’t go as well in the challenge. 3) Weller’s Suteresett Wispa At Juldeane JW.

OD (3, 1). 1) Gratton’s Bardonhill Floating Moon Into Glenlaine JW ShCM; My find of the day, a dog in his prime, loved his head, totally masculine but no way coarse, kind dark eye with real Irish glint, lovely earset, has strength throughout, well developed sternum, ribs well back, strong short loin, well balanced angulation, tidy feet, in super fit condition, carrying rich mahogany coat in tip top condition, picture of power on the move, eating up the ground with his long easy stride, lashing his tail as he went, totally deserved BD & BIS. 2) Needs’ Covarney Mocha Meets Stourford; Another mature male, pleasant head & expression, more compact dog with good general conformation, good bone, moved really soundly, couldn’t match 1 for overall finish & condition.

OB (5,1). 1) Stevenson’s Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW ShCM; Liked her as a youngster & she’s fulfilled her early promise, now mature bitch in super condition, pretty feminine head with soft expression, good depth to fore-chest, clean & strong over neck & shoulders, well put together, throughout, preferred her over croup to 2, moved positive & true, covering the ground with ease, just preferred overall proportions of my top 2 girls, very close decision though. 2) Henson’s Millcroft Moon Gypsy For Tatsbro; Sweet headed bitch, liked her overall size & balance, clean over neck, good layback of shoulder, good spring of rib, well angulated hindquarters, moved well, really enjoying herself. 3) Hart’s Rappatty Red Velvet.

Mrs Gaynor Myers

1stCaispern Villette with Shushana JW ShCM
2ndBardonhill Storm Moon
3rdMoyna Summer Breeze at Corribeg
1stSatlas Bleau Eyes
2ndLochlorien Miss Marple Cops Andley
1stCataluna Some Like it Hot
1stGwendariff The Drama Queen
2ndMargretwoods C’est La Vie
3rdKerryfair Crystal Gazer
1stAmblin Sweet William
2ndGilliegrae Ky Me Nay Mo
3rdGilliegrae Incy Wincy
ResBrinara Private Eye
VHCBrinara New Statesman at Corribeg
1st Brinara Vanity Fair
2ndGilliegrae Daffy Down Dilly
3rd Margretwoods C’est La Vie
ResGilliegrae Pops Back to Rappatty
VHCKerryfair Crystal Gazer
1stDeevonville Conquistador
2nd Suteresett Casey Junior
3rdAubanjon Royal Engineer
Res Brackenfield Albertine
VHCDeevonville El Condor Passa
1stSuteresett Bella Notte with Scarletti
2nd Romarne Orlaith
3rd Aubanjon Royal Symphony
ResRomarne One Night Only
VHCHenneldale Dancing Diva
1stBardonhill Moon River Flows into Glenlaine JW
2ndBardonhill Just One Look
1stLochlorien Scully Foxes Andley
2ndBardonhill Hetty Baylilss
3rdLochlorien New Tricks
ResBardonhill Lavendar Brown
VHCLanstara Cupids Boogie
1stDeevonville Conquistador
2ndBardonhill Just One Look
3rdAubanjon Royal Engineer
ResBrackenfield Albertine
VHCDeevonville El Condor Passa
1stBrinara Vanity Fair
2ndSuteresett Bella Notte with Scarletti
3rdRomarne Orlaith
ResGilliegrae Cuanna Ariadne
VHCGwendariff The Drama Queen
1stRappatty Excalibur JW
2ndDelsanto Snow Storm
1stRappatty Romance
2ndRappatty Lady Marisque
3rdLochlorien New Tricks
ResAnlory Astra
1stThendara Joe Le Taxi for Stourford JW
2ndCaispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW
3rd Casachared Flanagan O’fin
ResRonzalda Figaro
VHCBrinara Back in the Running
1stJubliana Sorraia
2ndDuncraig Demelza by Brinara
3rd Millcroft Crystal Moon makes Tatsbro
ResAnlory Convina
VHCLanstara Lollipop
1stMayfred Mr Moondance JW
2nd Thendara Pot Noodle JW
1st Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders JW
2nd Astley View Summer Fox
3rd Suteresett Wispa at Juldene JW ShCM
ResMillcroft Papermoon makes Tatsbro
VHCThendara Jocasta JW
1stBardonhill Floating Moon into Glenalaine JW
2ndCovarney Mocha meets Stourford
1stLochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW
2ndMillcroft Moon Gypsy for Tatsbro
3rdRappatty Red Velvet
ResSettaside Jelly Bean
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