Open Show 30 June 2018

Judge – Mrs C Bailey (Gwithian)

Best Dog and Best in Show:
Lanstara Spring Moon
owned by G & D Rowbottom
Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show
 Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley ShCM
owned by G & C Stevenson
Res. Best Dog:
Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts JW

owned by L MacAulay
Res.Best Bitch:
Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW
owned by S Waterton
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show
 Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire
owned by S Tupper & N Rosie
Best Puppy Bitch:
Jetsetter Cristalle at Polmennor (IMP RUS)
owned by A Roberts
Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show
Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW Sh.CM
owned by G & C Stevenson
Best Veteran Dog
Brinara Back In The Running
owned by J & G Axon


1stBrinara Back In The Running 
1stLochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW ShCM 
2ndMelmara Minervois 
3rdPolmennor For Fun
1stBraidmount One Day More 
2ndCasachared Rory O Connor 
1stJetsetter Cristalle at Polmennor (IMP RUS) 
2ndCasachared Keepsake for Trefaine 
1stStaratlanta Shankly’s Fire 
2ndBraidmount One Day More  
1stJetsetter Cristalle at Polmennor (IMP RUS)
2ndSixoaks Leading Lady 
1stCovarney Lil ‘Tipple at Jacingail 
2ndLynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli 
3rdGwendariff In The Limelight With Gilliegrae 
ResBardonhill Pearly Spencer 
VHCAlchriset Here Comes The Sun 
1stTeleri Indian Summer (AI) 
2ndRomarne Galway Girl at Astleyview 
3rdLochfrae Nina Simone 
ResLotushill Katsura 
VHCSixoaks Leading Lady 
1stGlenlaine Squirrel Nutkinn at Valasarch 
2ndGwendariff I’m Comin Out JW 
3rdForfarian’s Hidden Secret with Rionore
ResLynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli 
VHCGwendariff In The Limelight With Gilliegrae
1stGlennara Cilleigne Dervla (IKC) 
2ndRomarne Galway Girl at Astleyview 
3rdBlazing Bronze Eye Candy (IMP) 
ResLochfrae Nina Simone 
1stLynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli 
2ndStaratlanta Shankly’s Fire 
3rd Bardonhill Pearly Spencer 
ResHarreds Trooper
1stTeleri Indian Summer (AI) 
2ndLotushill Katsura 
3rdJetsetter Cristalle at Polmennor (IMP RUS) 
ResGwendariff Gonna’B Amazing 
VHCCasachared Rose O Sally Ann
1stBardonhill Ginger Nut at Valasarch 
2ndKerrimere Irresistable 
3rdGwendariff In The Limelight with Gilliegrae 
ResTalharon Tiger Hill 
1stRiverbrue Ophelia at Glennara JW 
2ndCovarney Everlasting Love at Bluebyeyou 
3rdGwendariff Gonna’B Amazing 
ResCasachared Rose O Sally Ann 
1stPawsword Prairie Wind JW 
2ndStrathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli 
3rdSandstream Just A Breeze with Ralphski 
1stLochlorien True Detective is Andley 
2ndCovarney Lil’ Diva 
3rdStrathmead Mulberry 
ResSandstream Summer Breeze JW 
VHCMelmara Georgia JW 
1stLanstara Spring Moon 
2ndCaskeys Mischief of Stylersetts JW 
3rdStaratlanta Elliot ShCM 
ResBrinara Private Eye 
1stSandstream Welcome Breeze JW 
1stDeevonville El Condor Passa 
1stLochlorien Scully Foxes Andley ShCM 
2ndGwendariff Such A Carry On At Bardonhill JW
3rdMillcroft Bubbling Moon

I was honoured to be asked to judge by the hard working committee of this well run show, held in lovely surroundings. I much appreciated the hospitality and my lovely gift. David Hopewell and his assistants, Patricia Morgan and Maddy Anthony did a fabulous job of stewarding for me.  I thank the exhibitors for a lovely entry of quality Irish Setters.  The weather was extremely hot and this affected the performance of some dogs on the day.


1st Axon’s Brinara Back In The Running

At nine and a half, this dog is a credit to his owners.  I appreciated his presentation and was handled beautifully. Liked his overall size, build, and he carried the right amount of weight.  Pleasing outline with a gently sloping topline.  Well-made throughout, good angulation front and rear, with depth to chest and good spring of rib. Handsome balanced head with dark eyes and raised brow.  Moved well.


All three bitches were a credit to their owners.     

1st Stevenson’s Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW ShCM – BVIS

In good condition for her eleven years and carrying a considerably good coat for her age.   Lovely feminine head with a kindly expression and her dark eyes had that typical Irish glint. Good construction throughout with good bone and muscle tone.  Happy mover with lashing tail. Pleased to award her BVIS.

2nd Russell’s Melmara Minervois

At seven years this bitch’s overall coat and condition was good. Well-constructed with decent angulation front and aft.  Good bend to stifle, neat hocks and feet.  Moved ok.

3rd Robert’s Polmennor For Fun


1st Crossman’s Braidmount One Day More

Well-presented and handled eight month old puppy of medium size with a nice outline and pleasing from all angles.  Well reared, his weight and condition was good. Nicely constructed with good bone, depth of chest and tail set on correctly. Short hocks and neat feet.  Moved well for age. Couldn’t compete with PD winner on maturity. 

2nd Shepherd’s Casachared Rory O Connor

Different type and less mature that 1.  Shorter coupled boy with a straight dark coat that shone like a conker.  Pleasant head, dark eyes, and low set ears.  Made well, with good tail set and neat hocks.  Bit of a fidget but handled sympathetically. Moved ok for his age.


1st Robert’s Jetsetter Cristalle At Polmennor (IMP RUS) NAF

Very feminine puppy, elegant in outline, pretty balanced head, low set ears and dark eyes of desired shape. Nicely constructed with good angulation, return of upper arm and pronounced sternum.  Good depth to chest, decent bend of stifle, short hocks and neatest of feet.  Moved happily with good foot fall.  I liked this puppy a great deal but couldn’t match the maturity of the BPD on the day.

2nd Walker’s Casachared Keepsake For Trefaine

Another puppy bitch at six and a half months of good type.  Shorter coupled with straighter light coat in good condition.  Pleasant head which is balanced with raised brow and good shape to her dark eyes.  Moved well for her age.


1st Tupper & Rosie’s Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire – BPIS

On the day both dogs this exhibitor showed were presented immaculately and I very much appreciated that.  At just under a year this young male makes a good impression with his elegant outline.  Gently sloping topline from withers to neat set on tail.  Well-constructed with good depth to chest and decent spring of rib for age. Nicely angulated front and rear with decent bend of stifle.  Rich dark coat of desired texture and ample feathering.  Made a lovely picture standing and didn’t disappoint on the move.  Pleased to award him BPIS. 

2nd Crossman’s Braidmount One Day More


1st Robert’s Jetsetter Cristalle At Polmennor (IMP RUS) NAF

2nd Heather’s Sixoaks Leading Lady

At ten months old, this feminine puppy has a lot to like about her.  Taller elegant bitch, with a pretty head which is nicely balanced, also, liked her eye shape and colour.  Appreciated her good construction and scored well on forechest, spring of rib and tail set.  MPB moved slightly better on the day. 


Very nice class of young males.  Liked all six very much.  Some decided to fidget badly or not cooperate on the move and sadly this affected their placing on the day.

1st Pullen & Atkin’s Covarney Lil’ Tipple At Jacingail

Well-schooled young dog, who appealed very much for type, size and construction.  Balanced masculine head with melting expression, raised brow, dark eyes of desired shape.  Nicely constructed with good ratio of rib to loin which gave a good outline. Ticked the boxes for forechest, depth of chest, bone and muscle tone. Presented beautifully, in lovely jacket with ample feathering for age.  Moved well with drive using his short strong hocks.

2nd Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli

Another lovely young male who should have a bright future.  Nicely constructed with pronounced sternum, good depth to chest and decent spring of rib. Has a good dark coat in lovely condition but, would just prefer a little more finesse in presentation. Was unfortunate to meet 1st in good form.  He moved true and steady.

3rd Hart’s Gwendariff In The Limelight With Gilliegrae


In this class there were some exciting prospects for the future.

1st Catling’s Teleri Indian Summer (AI)

Very appealing for type and size, she ticked a lot of boxes for me.  At thirteen months she showed well to beat the other more mature bitches in this class.  Feminine and extremely pretty, she has a gentle expression but with a glint of naughtiness in her lovely dark eyes which I like.  Balanced, quality bitch, soundly constructed with good angulation to front and rear quarters, which were well muscled.  Slightly arched neck of good length set neatly into good lay back of shoulders. Presented well in good coat and condition. Moved well.

2nd Mutch’s Romarne Galway Girl At Astleyview

Handled to advantage this fifteen month old bitch was presented well in rich dark coat with ample feathering. Very feminine head, nicely balanced with dark eyes, raised brow and lovely low set ears.  As I would expect from her Breeder she is nicely constructed with good bone and muscle tone. Good bend to stifle.   Moved well, driving off short strong hocks.

3rd Davie’s Lochfrae Nina Simone


1st Lewis & Levene’s Glenlaine Squirrel Nutkinn At Valasarch

At nineteen months this young male appealed very much for type and construction. I appreciated the effort taken with the presentation of his dark coat of good texture, condition and lovely fringe of feathering.  Nicely made, ample bone and muscle tone.  Plenty of depth to chest and lung room.  Pronounced sternum and good return of upper arm.  Moderate length of neck set neatly into well lay back of shoulder. Strong rear quarters.  Moved well with animation and drive.

2nd Muir’s & O’Connor’s Gwendariff I’M Comin Out JW

Another who really appealed.  Again a decent type, well-constructed, with desired bone and muscle tone.   Handsome boy of medium size, racy and elegant in outline. Lovely dark coat in good condition, although slightly unruly over the croup on the day.  Moved well holding his topline.  Just preferred head of 1.

3rd Randle’s Forfarian’s Hidden Secret With Rionore


1st Hall’s Glennara Cilleigne Dervla (IKC)

There was no exaggeration to this elegant feminine bitch. Fetching outline, with gently sloping firm topline with she held on the move.  Very pretty head, dark eyes of desired shape, quizzical expression, raised brow and good length to ears.  Has substance to her frame but retains her femininity. Well-toned muscle and good bone.  Ribs well sprung with good depth to chest and pronounced sternum.  Neatest of feet, good bend to stifle and short strong hocks.  Top marks for handling and presentation of coat.  Moved well with drive and animation.

2nd Mutch’s Romarne Galway Girl At Astleyview

3rd Bridgewater’s Blazing Bronze Eye Candy (IMP)


1st Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli

2nd Tupper & Rosie’s Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire

3rd Bott’s Bardonhill Pearly Spencer


1st Catling’s Teleri Indian Summer (AI)

2ND Borthwick’s Lotushill Katsura

Was fourth in a very strong Junior Bitch Class.  Have previously judged her as a puppy and she is now maturing along nicely.  Appealed for type, size, very pretty and feminine. Lovely presentation in good coat and condition although, would prefer just a little bit more weight on her. Nicely constructed with depth to chest, width to rear, neat hocks and feet. Moved better in this class.

3rd Robert’s Jetsetter Cristalle at Polmennor (IMP RUS) NAF


1st Lewis & Levene’s Bardonhill Ginger Nut At Valasarch

This young male was presented beautifully and his young handler did a fabulous job showing him.  Sturdier in build, well off for bone, good muscle tone, handsome head although slightly broader in skull than his Kennel mate.   Nice outline when stood with gently sloping topline, moderate length of neck fits neatly into good lay back of shoulder.  Good return of upper arm and pronounced sternum.  Moved well, holding his tail correctly.

2nd Weir’s Kerrimere Irresistable

Nice type who I liked for build and size.  Has a lot to like with a gentle sloping topline, good depth to chest and spring of rib.  Masculine head.  Straighter coat and lighter in tone than 1.  Well-presented but would have preferred neater feet.  Nice mover.

3rd Hart’s Gwendariff In The Limelight With Gilliegrae


1st Hall’s Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara JW

Another quality bitch from this Kennel. Nicely balanced, very feminine but with plenty of bone and good muscle tone.  Gently sloping topline, slightly arched neck fits neatly into her shoulders.  Good front angulation with pronounced forechest and decent return of upper arm.  Plenty of depth to chest and spring of rib.  Strong rear quarters, good bend of stifle, short neat hocks and neatest of feet.  Liked her pretty head, which was balanced with desired shape and colour of eyes. Beautifully presented with coat in lovely condition and handled to advantage.  Moved really well.

2nd Bye’s Covarney Everlasting Love At Bluebyeyou.

Another quality example of our breed, she has matured on nicely. Different in type and lighter in coat that 1.  Very pretty young bitch with sweetest of expression and nice dark pigmentation. Appreciated her sound construction with good bone and muscle tone to first and second thighs.  Desired presentation to coat and handled beautifully. On the day just lacked that extra bit of verve on the move.

3rd Hart’s Gwendriff Gonna’B Am Azing


1st Davis’ Pawsword Prairie Wind JW

Presented and handled to advantage, racy and balanced in outline with firm topline which he held on the move. Overall he scored well for good conformation, depth to chest and spring of rib.  Rich dark coat with profuse feathering.  Balanced masculine head with raised brow and gentle melting expression.  Moved well.

2nd Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry Of Settesoli

Close up to first and much applies, he is nicely constructed and I did like him for type. This handsome you male moved well, but sadly on the day, just a little proud of his tail. 

3rd Hoskin’s Sandstream Just A Breeze With Ralphski


1st Stevenson’s Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley

Elegant bitch of preferred size, balanced with no exaggeration and with sound construction throughout. Nice type consistent with the other bitches shown on the day by this breeder.    Has a very pleasing feminine head and sweetest of expression. Well presented with a lovely rich dark coat of good texture and condition.  Moved well with drive and animation. Should have a bright future ahead. 

2nd Phillips and Condron’s Covarney Lil’ Diva

Liked her very much for type.  She is nicely constructed, scored well for front and rear angulation with good bend of stifle.  This bitch is obviously no couch potato as she was in top notch condition, well-muscled with good bone. Beautiful head with lovely quizzical expression.  Couldn’t fault the presentation of this bitch, coat was in lovely condition with profuse feathering.  Moved well but felt the heat affected her performance on the day.

3rd Frampton’s Strathmead Mulberry


Lovely class of quality males.

1st Rowbottom’s Lanstara Spring Moon – BD & BIS

A dog to be proud of!  Stunning male, balanced and full of quality. Lovely picture when stood with gentle sloping topline from withers to correct tail set.  He stands over the right amount of ground for me.  So well-constructed and it’s a pleasure to go over him.  Most handsome balanced head with kind intelligent expression and lovely dark eyes of desired shape.  Presented beautifully in excellent coat and condition.  Moved soundly, holding his topline and driving off well using his strong short hocks.  On the day I couldn’t fault him and was pleased to award him BD & BIS.  I wish him well for the future.

2nd Macaulay’s Caskeys Mischief Of Stylersett’s JW – RBD

Another quality example of the breed.  Slightly smaller than 1st and lighter in coat.    Well-constructed, with good spring of rib and depth to chest. Front angulation with pronounced sternum and decent return of upper arm.   Slight arch to neck which, fits neatly into his shoulders.  He has a pleasant head and gentle expression.  Presented in good coat and condition. Moved well, but would like to see him move with a little more control on a shorter length of lead perhaps? Pleased to award him RBD.

3rd Tupper & Rosie’s Staratlanta Elliott ShCM


1st Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW – RBB

Have previously judge as a puppy and pleased to see she has matured into a lovely specimen of our breed. I liked her very much for quality and type.  Balanced, racy outline with no exaggeration, she gives a pleasing feminine outline when stood.  Soundly constructed throughout, chest had good depth and ribs well sprung. Good angulation to front and rear quarters.   She has a very pretty head, with dark eyes of desired shape, raised brow and quizzical expression. Top marks for presentation, coat in good condition with ample feathering. Sound happy mover with lashing tail action.  Please to award her RBB.

OPEN DOG (1:0)

1st Weir’s Deevonville El Condor Passa

Stood alone but well worthy of his place.  Taller, rangier dog with handsome masculine head.  Beautifully presented, in lovely condition with rich dark coat and profuse feathering.  Nicely constructed with good depth to chest and spring of rib.   With good bone and muscle tone.  He moved and showed really well.  


Three lovely bitches in this class, all a credit to their owners.

1st Stevenson’s Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley ShCM – BB & RBIS

Another quality bitch from these breeders.  Not exaggerated in any way, just a well-constructed honest Irish Setter. Medium in size with gentle sloping topline from withers to tail set.  Well angulated front and aft with pronounced sternum, good return of upper arm and elbows positioned correctly. Good width to rear, bend of stifle, with short hocks and neat feet. Liked her lovely dark coat with ample feathering which was presented as one would expect.  Showed beautifully for her handler moving well and she pushed hard for her BB & RBIS awards. Well done.

2nd Bott’s Gwendariff Such A Carry On At Bardonhill JW

I had the pleasure of judging some lovely quality stock that was either bred or owned by this exhibitor.  I also appreciated the fact all were presented immaculately!  Her handler also did a grand job of showing this bitch.   Lovely, elegant bitch taller than 1.  Stunning in outline and I liked her a lot for type and overall construction. Felt she was in between coats on the day but her overall presentation was good.  Loved her head and expression.  Moved well.

3rd Fox’s Millcroft Bubbling Moon

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