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Open Show 9th July 2023
The committee would like to thank everyone for their support at our 2023 MISS Open Show held at Baginton
Judge Mrs Chris Jennings – Sharman
BIS Gwendariff The Purple Star
RBIS Gwendariff Tully’s Red Arrows
BVIS Gwendariff Lily The Pink
BVD Kerrimere Irresistable
BPIS Ferasheen Hot Proper Tea
RBB Gwendariff Pink Champagne
BPB Ferasheen Pop the Champers

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Judges Critique

Midland Irish Setter Society

Open Show

9th July 2023

It must always be a special honour to Judge a breed show, and so I was delighted to be able to accept this appointment and thank the officers and committee for their hospitality on the day; also, to Mesdames Gilbert and Begg, my stewards for the day. Lastly, to you the exhibitors who gave me a fabulous entry of quality dogs, giving me some nice headaches, and were so sporting in your applause.

I was looking for dogs who not only fulfilled the standard but also had that little bit extra, that sparkle that says “I’m Here!” This I found in my winners.

In the very hot conditions today, some coped better than others and my placings mirrored this.

Vet D:  2:0

1.-Weir Kerrimere Irresistable 8 1/2yr old who possesses a beautiful sculptured head, masculine, balanced with raised brow and very soft expression. Good reach of neck flows into well placed shoulders, chest deep with pronounced sternum. He stands on sturdy straight legs, body in proportion, back line gently sloping, stifles well bent. In the class his movement was sound, but lacked zest. However, for the challenge he woke up, finding that sparkle, driving off short hocks with style, and carrying his head proudly. V.well presented. Delighted to award him Res Best Dog

2.-Corless Swiftlark First Night, 9yr old who was more animated on the move. He has a balanced head, well angled fore and aft. Shown in good coat; just preferred overall balance and style of 1st.

Vet B 6:0  What a fabulous class, thank you.

1.-Bougen Gwendariff Lily The Pink 7yr old I’ve admired before. A very stylish feminine b who is right out of the top drawer. Her lean head is balanced and elegant with raised brow and dark eye; her neck long, flowing into correct lay of shoulder and from there she continues flowing in outline, so well balanced and in excellent condition. Her movement is poetry, effortless drive and perfect head carriage. Pushed eventual winners hard; more furnishings and she would have gone further. Best Vet in Show

2.-Bridgwater Blazing Bronze Eye Candy (Imp Ndl) 9yr old carrying her years well. Very animated and sound on the move. She possesses a balanced fem head with kind eye. Well-proportioned in body and presented a typical racy outline.

3.-Waterton Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW SHCM completed a lovely trio.

MPD 1:0

1.-Robinson Slater Kerryfair Misty Morning TAF 7mth old baby. Well balanced in head, kind exp.; st. front and well angulated carrying decent amount of body weight. Happy mover.

MPB : 0 entries

PD 2:0

1.-Sloane Ferasheen Hot Proper Tea. Well put together 11mth old. Masculine, beautifully sculptured head with dark eye and ears set low. Possesses a sturdy front and presents with pleasing balanced outline. Reachy neck, correct lay of shoulder with pronounced sternum and sloping topline. Still all legs and wings, but would think he’d have a bright future. Very striking. Best Puppy in Show.

2.-Shepherd Casachared Connors Delaney Another well balanced pup, not the outline or expression of 1st.Good bone, straight front, with correct angulation. Just needs time.

PB 2:0

1.-Sloane Ferasheen Pop the Champers. Litter sister to winner of Pd. Very fem. with pretty, balanced head, nicely proportioned. A little narrow in front. Stands on tight feet, with correct angulation.   Moved out happily and soundly. BPb.                                                   

2.-Popllawska Shelindar Sing to a Rainbow. Feminine b with pretty exp and head. Well-made fore and aft but not the shape of 1. Well presented. Another that needs time.

Class JD  7:2

1.-Berry& Morris Coppers Midsummer Night’s Dream (Imp Swe) (BAI) Upstanding young d. with plenty of work in his masculine, balanced head. Reachy neck, nicely arched with pronounced sternum. Correct return of fore arm, presents a pleasing outline with good depth, well angled, moved out soundly with style.

2.-Parsons Quensha Thinking Out Loud at Bransett Close up and similar remarks apply as 1; just not quite as mature as 1st. He moved out soundly and happily. Well presented.


Class JB  11:2

1.-Bridgewater Bridgella Jubilee Queen. Very well balanced in head and body with striking outline, Head is lean with oval skull, pronounced brow and occiput. Kind in eye and ear-set low. Front is straight, feet tight. Neck long flowing into well angled shoulders, chest deep and well sprung. Tail well set off correct sloping topline. She coped well with both change of handler and heat, moving out with drive and style.

2.-Leach Riverbrue Ophelia Jubbly built on slightly larger lines, head is broader but still feminine and balanced, well made quarters, just not the outline of 1 and not as positive on the move. Well presented, in good coat.

3.-Marky Yokhama Lofty to Evenflow.

Class Yearling D : (5,1)

1.-Sheldon’s Bardonhill a Million Ways to Delsanto. Upstanding male, maturing well. His skull is sculptured and lean; neck long with correct sternum and return of forearm. Well bodied with well sprung ribs, deep in brisket. Loin of correct length. Presents a pleasing, balanced outline; moved off his short hocks with drive, stylish head carriage.

2.-Harris’ Zakhams Rough Diamond by Konanakela Nothing “rough” about this boy. Very close up to winner, most lovely balanced head and kind eye with low ear set.  Good straight front, excellent bone.

3.-Not quite the depth of 1st, moved out with style and sound driving action.

4.-Zak D.J.


Class Yearling B (4 ,1W/d):

1.-Leach R.O.J.

2.-Yok.Lofty to E

3.-Maple Pollimac New Miracle

Class Novice D (1):

1.-Sheldon’s B a Mill W to Del.

Class Novice B (3)

1.-Bridgewater’s B. Jub Queen.

2.-Leach R.O Jub.

3.-Sloane Fer. Pop the Cham.

Class Grad. D (6 ,1,1w)

1.-Berry, Morris and Fitzmaurice’s Brinara Country Boy. Upstanding boy with masc. but lean head, with work in the brow, ears set on low. Long reachy neck, correct depth of chest with pronounced sternum. He possesses a straight front, with good bone; shoulders and stifles well angled, strong over loin. Went really well in the heat, keeping a sloping topline and showing correct footfall.

2.-Butler’s Anlory Sovereign at Rubymoon. Mature boy with masculine head and kind eye. Well angled quarters and pleasing outline. Just needs time to regain his confidence. Moved soundly.

3.-Corless Swiftlark Invincible JW.



 Class Grad. B (10,1):

1.-Parker & Stevens’ Gwendariff Pink Champagne (IKC) one I have done well before and delighted at how she is progressing. Now 2yrs +. She is very feminine with sweetest lean balanced head and exp. Long reachy neck flows into well placed shoulders. Her whole outline just flows, because she is balanced and well angled. Topline slightly sloping, tail well set on, feet tight and arched. Beautifully presented and handled to advantage, not minding the heat. Drove off with stylish head carriage. Pleased to award Res.B.B.

2.-Botts’ Bardonhill Woven in Gold Another b of top quality, who has the prettiest, lean head, low set ears and kind eyes. Well balanced with correctly angled quarters. Moved out well, holding her topline, with correct footfall, but not quite the sparkle of 1st today.

3.-Jarvis’ Settaway Sapphire


Class Post Grad. D (3,1):

1.-Richardson’s Gwendariff Tully’s Red Arrows.Saw this stunning boy as a raw youngster and have followed his steady progress, delighted how he is maturing and getting his act together. I see his dam is the Best Veteran Winner, he has many of her attributes in masculine form.His profile is stunning, masculine head with plenty of brow, giving correct exp.; reachy neck which is well arched, super lay of shoulder and well angled stifles either end of firm well ribbed body, with muscled loin. Tail well set on and wagging. Movement was steady with correct footfall, went with zest and style, head held high. He is presented to perfection, his rich chestnut coat just gleamed. Very pleased to award him Best D & Res BIS and delighted with reception from the sporting exhibitors. Well deserved.

2.-Corless’ Swiftlark Spellbinder. Another top-quality exhibit so unlucky to meet 1st on such good form. He is very well made on larger scale but still balanced. In good coat, showing correct topline, just not as positive as I in movement.

Class Post Grad B (4):

1.-Bridgwater’s’ Bridgella Don’t Push It .4 yr. old, coming into her prime now. Her feminine head has the sweetest exp. with raised brow. Her neck is long with well angled quarters, tight feet, well ribbed up, topline gently sloping. Went well with correct footfall and head held up. Seriously considered in the challenge.

2.-Parsons Forfarian Flutter Yer Lashes at Bransett. Another very nice b., well-made from head to toe. Moved well and well presented, just not the finish of 1

3.-Turner’s Blazing Bronze Jitterbug with Daisycutter (Imp Nld)

Class Limit D (3):

1.-Richardson’s Bluesprings Now I’m Here at Forestfire. Upstanding 3yr old, stood over ground well.He has a balanced head and kind eye. Reachy neck and well pronounced sternum. Quarters are well angled giving a pleasing out line with sloping topline.Nearly through the class when first moved off but finally did drive off properly.

2.- Jarvis’ Lowdon To Darn Hot. Aptly names today! Close up, another quality Dog with balanced lean head, reachy neck, tight feet and sturdy legs. Chest deep and quarters well angled, Moved well.

3.-Harris Blazing Bronze Happy Clappy sings Konanakela (Imp Ndl) JW

Class Limit B (8,4):

1.-Botts’ Bardonhill Love of My Life. Mature feminine b with lean balanced head and plenty of work in brow, well layed shoulders and turn of stifles, deep in body. Presented pleasing outline, went with drive here, but sadly not as happy when we had to go indoors for the challenge.

2.-Jones’ Gwendariff Chilli Powder, pretty girl 5yr old who pushed 1st hard. Just tended to dip a little in the heat, but overall presents a pleasing outline. On the move she drove off well with high head carriage.

3.-Turners Gwendariff Gee and Tee for Me with Daisycutter

Class Open D(3,2):

1.-Williamson’s Bluesprings Picture This JW. Stood alone but nicely made d, well proportioned in head and well angled in body. His head is masculine, balanced , lean with kind eye, ears low set. Straight front, feet arched. Moved well with drive, but just a tad proud of his tail today

Class Open B (5,2)

1.-Sloane, Gwendariff the Purple Star. Find of the day for me. Apparently, looking back I’ve liked her as a 2yr old. Now she’s older, had a litter (dam of the Best Puppy in Show) which has matured her no end.Her head is exquisite, very feminine with plenty of brow. Long reach of neck with arching, flows into well placed shoulders with correct return of forearm. Chest is deep and body well ribbed, loin is muscular, with topline slightly sloping. Coat is very rich dark chestnut, beautifully presented. She moved out freely with drive, excellent footfall and head carriage. Very well handled, she was not bothered at all by going inside. In hot company, was delighted to award Best B and Best in Show. Well done.

2.-Holley’s Gwendariff Look This Way to Wyngill. Another very Feminine, well-proportioned  and presented from any angle. Feminine lean, balanced head with raised brow.  Balanced and stylish outline which she kept on the move. Just not the reach of 1st on the move.

3.-Fox’s Kerryfair Special Diamond

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